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Lost Dutchers

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Adam b. about 1790, NY
d. Mar. 14, 1889, Tecumseh, MI.
m. Rachel Ellsworth. (b.1805 in NY, d. 1874 in MI) 
Albert b. 1848, KY
d. after 1900, Adams County, IL
Anna Maria Amalie Stengel
1884, Adams County, IL
Amanda b. about 1832, NY James H. Alexander
1855, Morgan County, OH
Amelia b. about 1810
d. after 1841
Lawrence Simmons
about 1840, Dutchess County, NY
Benjamin b: 1794
d: 1842
Polly Ellen Reese
ch: Theodore Josiah Dutcher, b. 1826 St. Laurence Co, NY
Benjamin b. about 1825 Louisa Towner
Shiawassee County, MI
Benson b. 1900
d. about 1923
Chloe Ann Osborn
Catherine b. about 1780, western MA or eastern NY William Wolcott
about 1800
Charles Was a famous opera singer in late 1800's  
Charles W. b. 1840
d. 1934 IA
Christina b. 1801 Richard Benjamin Clark
(lived in Columbia, Green, & Schoharie counties, NY and Litchfield, CT)
Cornelius b. 1788, Fishkill, Dutchess County, NY
d. 1861, Jefferson County, NY
Catherine Edmunds
Daniel b about 1850 Sarah Jane Macdonal or Macdonald
possibly Truro, Nova Scotia
David b. about 1781
d. before 1850
(In Hocking Co. OH, 1820; Methodist minister MO, 1840)
David W. b. 1831, Cayuga, NY
d. 1901, Kent, MI
(came to MI in 1855)
Lucy F. Johnson
Dora Belle b. 1879, Pleasant Hill, NE
d. about 1939, Edgeley, ND
(Poss father W.C. & grandfather Cornelius)
William Henry Kadell
Marshall, MN
Earl William lived in Syracuse, NY  
Edward (son born in 1891, Appleton, WI) Leena (Helena?)
Edward b. South nelson, New Brunswick, Canada  
Effie b. 1800, Dutchess County, NY
d. 1837, NY, NY
Peter Valleau
about 1816
Elizabeth b. about 1750, NY Jacob (Texel) VanTassel
1767, Dutchess County, NY
Elizabeth b. about 1750, Fishkill, NY
d. after 1787
Abraham Freer
about 1771
Elizabeth (Betsy) E. b. 1806
d. 1899, possibly Litchfield County, CT
Uriah Snedeker
about 1825 Dutchess County, NY
Ephriam b. 1761, NY
moved to Ontario, CAN (family moved to MI and IA)
Florence b. Watertown, Jefferson County Otis Webb
(moved to Alameda County, CA; divorced in the early 1900's)
Frank b. 1848, Walworth WI, s/o Jeremiah DUTCHER and Lucretia NICHOLS
d. 1905, Kalamazoo, MI
Margaret Jane Junk
1873, Branch, MI
Fred   m. Donna Fay Dorry (d. 1950s)
ch: Judy b. June 19, 1941; Patricia b. Nov 8, 1946
Freelove b. 1802, PA
d. 1888 in Ozark County, MO
Lovell Snow
1821, Athens County, Ohio
Furman d. after 1920, possibly in CA Emma Sophia Hubbert
about 1902, possibly in MI
George (in Tower, MI in 1910-1920)
Poss half-brother of Charles Horace Dunn from Dewitt, MI
George Milo b. 1839, Cairo, NY Mary E. O'Keefe
Gideon b. 1773
d. 1815
Sarah Manchester
Henry b. NY
d. Appleton, Granville, or Milwaukee, WI
Eliza Huggins
about 1835, NY
Henry   Abigail Batchelder
Ira son Ralph married in Ottowa County, OH, 1873 Mary Ann Veeder
James A. (son b. 1907, Topeka, KS) Laura Davis
Jay H. b. 1853
d. 1914
(mother Elizabeth?)
1. Lizzie Owen (1877, Alameda County, CA)
2. Emmaline (Emeline) Franklin (1886)
Jennie Elizabeth b. 1842, Ontario, Canada
d. 1923, Livingston County, MI
William M. Beach
Jeremiah B. b. 1816, NY
lived Marquette Co, WI, 1850
Joanna b. 1803
d. 1876
Reuben Ashton
(children born in MO)
Johann b. about 1860s Germany.
Came to USA in 1903 from Russia. A sister went to Canada.
Katharina Pfleuger
John b. 1765/1775, NY
d. 1863, Ingham County MI
Martha Thomas
(lived in Montgomery County, NY)
John b. about 1792 Dutchess County, NY
(to Seneca County, NY about 1830)
about 1817
John b. 1818 NY
(lived Pepin, WI, 1880)
about 1850
Joseph b. about 1820
(arrived in the US around 1850).
(lived in Baltimore, MD and Morrison, IL
Elizabeth Stone (Stoner)
about 1849
Louisa b. 1871
d. 1908
Frank Himmelwright
Lydia b. about 1749 John Dolph
Amenia, Dutchess Co., NY27 April 1769 
Martin VanBuren lived Dutchess County, NY
daughter Mary Etta born 1878
Marie Whaley
Mary b. 1755
(lived Otsego and Chautaugua counties, NY)
Pelatiah Rice
1777, Rensselaer County, NY
Mary Ann b. about 1810 Dutchess County, NY
d. 1853, Dutchess County, NY
Soloman Wilmont Oakley
Mary Etta b. 1878
d. 1976
Albert V. Ellis
Mary K. d. 1900, Indianapolis, IN William F. Quigley
Maude b. 1883, New Milford, CT
d. 1954 prob. Pawling, Putnam County, NY
Henry Tyrrell
Nancy b. about 1780
d. Clearfield County
Asa Place
about 1800
Neeltje (Nelly) (about 1790 to Ontario, CAN) Peter Vanderburg
about 1760, Dutchess County, NY
Nelly b. October 1, 1868 Alpine, NY
d. 1950 Seneca Co, NY 
William Oscar Breese
August 25, 1888, NY
Peter b. 1800, NY
d. 1826
Nancy Chesebrough
1821, Madison County, NY
Polly b. 1804
(lived Chenango County, NY and Kane County, Illinois)
Daniel Hunt
Rebekah b. 1780-1790 James Pendleton
about 1800, Dutchess County, NY
Reveland of WA County, NY
(ch. to St. Lawrence, Essex, & Clinton Cos., NY; Milwaukee Co., WI; VT; CO)
Mary Derby
Richard (son born 1863, NY) Madusa Hayes
Robert b. 1809 NY
(lived Elkhart County, IN, 1850)
Olive(?) A.
about 1835
Rulof b. about 1768, Dutchess County, NY
d. 1838, Otsego County, NY
Eleanor ("Ellen") Elizabeth Reno
Seneca b, about 1789, NY
d, 1867, Oneida County, NY
(lived in Herkimer County, NY before moving to Oneida)
Seymour b. 1887
d. 1976
Alice Dykeman
Sharon Lamay b. 15 Sep 19??, Randolph, NE
d. Oct 1964, Billings, MT
Zane Robert Isom
St. John b. 1765/1775, NY
d. 1863, Ingham County, MI
Martha Thomas
(lived in Montgomery County, NY)
Thomas   Polly Tillotson
before 1849
Tryntie b. about 1630 Jacob DeWitt
before 1666
Van Ness son Benson born about 1900 Amelia Rozelle
Viola b. 1853 Richard B. Shadle
(lived Fulton County, Ohio)
William b. 1754, Dutchess County, NY
(lived Northumberland County, PA)
Mary Lewis
1785, Dutchess County, NY
William b. 1786, NY
d. after 1855
Nicena Warren
(lived Delaware County, NY, Tioga County, PA and Branch County, MI)
William Harvey b. Lee, Berkshire, Mass 1855/56
father was John Dutcher; mother was Ann.
Flora A. Collins, 1878, Great Barrington, MA
William Henry b. about 1870 in Missouri Bertha Carlson (b. Sweden)
about 1890 in Piedmont or Oakland CA
William Henry from Pittsfield Mass  
William Peter b. 1844 near the Catskill Mts., NY
d. 1921, Ft. Lupton, CO
(lived 1860, Winona, MN; 1867, CAN; 1871, Iosco, MI; 1877, Omaha, NE)
(parents possibly William Dutcher and Gretchen Hunish)
Martha Ann Deane or Doane or Hammer
1865 St. Paul, MN
Wilson Ray (was in Crawford County, Ohio in the late 1800's until the 1970's)