Incomplete list of World War I civilian draft registrations for men from Marion County, Ohio

In 1917 and 1918, approximately 24 million men, (98% of men in the US), born between 1873 and 1900 completed draft registration cards. This civilian registration is not to be confused with actual induction into the military. Those already in the military did not register. This list is drawn from less than 10% of the registration cards.

Name Birthdate Born Registered
Abel Pearl LeRoy 29 March 1890 Prospect Ohio Marion Ohio
Abnett Walter Robert 9 January 1893 Marion Ohio Stark Oklahoma
Ackerman Fred Sibley 16 December 1880 brother lives Marion Ohio Cleveland Ohio
Ackerman Henry Carl 23 August 1894 Marion Ohio Marion Ohio
Ackerman Paul Otto 17 June 1895 Marion Ohio Marion Ohio
Ackerman Walter William 17 April 1892 Marion Ohio Morrow Ohio
Ackerman William Jr. 21 November 1891 b. Marion Ohio Marion Ohio
Ackley Warren Lee 30 April 1891 Marion Ohio Dayton Ohio
Adams Grover 1 October 1893 La Rue Ohio Marion Ohio
Adams John H. 7 October 1897 dad lives Marion Ohio Weld Colorado
Adams Martin Taber 18 July 1895 Claridon Twp. Ohio Marion Ohio
Adams Mortie Gay 16 June 1891 Claridon Ohio Geauga Ohio
Adams Roland William 18 June 1896 Marion Ohio Berrien Michigan
Allen Paul Francis 5 December 1895 Marion Ohio Forrest Miss
Almendinger Clifford Wesley 23 January 1884 uncle lives Marion Ohio Denver Colorado
Aronholt Earnest 14 June 1887 Marion Ohio Lima Ohio
Baughman Robert Newton 5 May 1895 La Rue Ohio Dade Florida
Briggs Howard Fansler 13 February 1896 Marion Ohio Los Angeles Calif
Clark Robert Bruce 28 October 1873 rel. lives Marion Ohio Mineral Montana
Coleman Thomas Harry 20 November 1887 Marion Ohio Custer Idaho
Gray Welcome Dever 6 November 1894 Marion Ohio Palm Beach Florida
Mathison Ray Harry 21 January 1889 Caledonia Ohio Minidoka Idaho
Murphy Edward Jay 3 April 1875 rel. lives Marion Ohio Grand Utah
O'Brien Edmond 12 February 1882 British; uncle in Marion Ohio Boise City Idaho
Reed James 24 May 1883 rel. lives Marion Ohio Warren Miss
Retterer Victor Maile 24 February 1886 rel. lives Marion Ohio Nye Nevada
Sibert Harry Jace 28 February 1885 rel. lives Marion Ohio Warren Miss
Temple Ernest Robert 21 October 1887 Marion Ohio Churchill Nevada

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