1850 Mortality Census - Marion County Ohio

The list below shows every name on the 1850 mortality census for Marion County Ohio, followed by the person's age, sex, marital status, birthplace, month of death, race, occupation, and cause of death.

Anderson    Mary	33	f	m	Ohio		Apr			childbed
Armstrong   Elizabeth	13	f		Ohio		Jan			swelled neck
Arthur      Aaron	40	m	m	Germany		Mar	clothier	winter fever
Bain        Christianna	55	f	w	Scotland	Aug			typhus fever
Barton      William	37	m	m	Pennsylvania	Jan	farmer		consumption
Baughman    Charles M.	1	m		Ohio		Jul			flux
Beerbower   Christena	65	f	m	Pennsylvania	Dec			disease heart
Bentz       Isabel	1	f		Ohio		Sep			unknown
Berry       Robert	4	m		Ohio		Aug			measles
Biggerstaff William	57	m	m	Virginia	Nov	farmer		measles
Blaker      James R.P.	4	m		Ohio		May			measles
Brownlee    Sarah	10	f		Ohio		Jun			whooping cough
Bruce       John	21	m		Pennsylvania	Aug			unknown
Bunn        Eleanor	64	f	m	South Carolina	Mar			consumption
Cary        Lydia M.	2	f		Ohio		Nov			fever
Chaney      Frances M.	7	f		Ohio		Sep			dropsy
Clark       John	8 mos	m		Marion Tp.	Apr			chronic
Clark       Maria	22	f		Marion Tp.	Sep			chronick
Clark       Wm. R.	3	m		Marion County	Dec			scalded
Claypole    David	3	m		Ohio		Jan			fever
Claypole    Jacob	9	m		Ohio		Jan			fever
Clemmans    John H.	26	m		Virginia	Aug	farmer		typhus fever
Cochran     R.H.	25	m		Vermont		Oct	physician	flux
Coffman     Elizabeth	47	f	m	Germany		Nov			consumption
Cole        Theodore	25	m	m	Ohio		Aug			liver disease
Coles       Betsey	20	f		Ohio		Jul			unknown
Coles       John	1	m		Ohio		Jul			unknown
Cramer      Charles F.	1 mos	m		Maryland	Aug			croup	sudden
Crawford    E.H.	1 mos	m		Ohio		Jul			cramp
Crawford    Julia A.	4	f		Ohio		Sep			worms
Crawford    Mary H.	2	f		Ohio		Aug			diorhoea
Crons       Henry	38	m	m	New York	Oct	farmer		billious fever
Cushman     Sanford	5	m		Upper Canada	Oct			fever
Cutler      Josephine	11 mos	f		Marion Co.	Jul			unknown
Davis       Jessy	38	m	m	Ohio		Jan	farmer		erriryplas
Dickerson   Isaac	76	m	w	Virginia	Oct	farmer		inflamatory fever
Drake       Joseph	49	m	m	Pennsylvania	Aug	farmer		dyrohea
Elder       William	20	m		Scotland	Feb	saddler		inflamation lungs
Elland      John	67	m	m	England		Dec	farmer		consumtion
Eyestone    Jacob	1	m		Ohio		Sep			fever
Fike        Margaret	19	f		Ohio		Aug			unknown
Fletcher    Madison	40	m		Massachusetts	Aug	physician	inflamation on the heart
Foster      Mary	8	f		Marion Co.	Feb			fits
Fritz       George	66	m	w	Germany		Aug			fever
Gooding     Louisa	1	f		Ohio		Sep			diorhoea
Griffith    Mary	48	f	m	Wales		Apr			fever
Grigsby     Hazel	1	m		Ohio		Jul			diorhaea
Griswold    Elisha	65	m	m	Vermont		Oct	farmer		dyspepsia
Griswould   William	1	m		Marion Tp.	Oct			sick stomach
Gross       George	45	m	m	Germany		Dec	farmer		inf lungs
Gutherie    Hannah	5	f		Ohio		Nov			fever
Guthrie     Joseph	4	m		Ohio		Nov			fever
Hammon      Julius	1	m		Ohio		Sep			billious fever
Hansbrough  Margaret	50	f	m	Virginia	May			consumption
Harkness    Henry	5	m		Ohio		Feb			croup
Hatfield    William	49	m	m	Delaware	Feb	carpenter	killed by a blow
Heffna      Joseph	2 mos	f		Marion Co.	Jul			unknown
Hessenour   George	32	m	m	Germany		Dec	none		consumption
Hennenour   George	2	m		Ohio		Mar			croup
Higgins     Joseph	27	m	m	Ohio		Jan	farmer		erisyplas
Hildebrand  Elizabeth	69	f	w	Pennsylvania	Mar			fever
Hooten      John	3	m		Ohio		Feb			asthma
Hord        L.		1	m		Ohio		Jul			consuption
Huffman     Christena	39	f	m	Germany		Oct			unknown
Jacobs      John	31	m	m	Germany		May	farmer		chronic
Jones       Emanuel	2	m		Ohio		Jun			measles
Jones       Princes A.	1	f		Marion Co.	Aug			scarlet fever
Jump        Walter	8	m		Marion Tp.	Oct			croup
Justice     Elizabeth	73	f	w	Virginia	Aug			consumption
Keech       William	53	m	m	Pennsylvania	Aug	blacksmith	fever
Kernes      Lydia	30	f	m	Pennsylvania	Aug			typhus fever
Kernes      Mary	6	f		Ohio		Sep			typhus fever
Knapp       Christena	41	f	m	Germany		Jun			fever
Knapp       Jacob	23	m		Ohio		Oct	farmer		killed instantly
Koons       Francis	3 mos	m		Marion Tp.	Aug			unknown
Laughlin    Jane	4 mos	m		Marion 		Oct			sick stomach
Leech       Bartin	1	m		Ohio		Sep			measles
Lewis       Charles	11 mos	m		Ohio		Apr			inf lungs
Likins      Samuel	36	m	m	Pennsylvania	Dec	farmer		consumption
Lindsey     Jane	2	f		Ohio		Oct			scarlet fever
Little      Lyman	46	m	m	Vermont		Dec	farmer		consumption
Lorand      George	46	m	m	Germany		Dec	farmer		wounded
McWhorter   Sarah J.	9	f		Marion Tp.	Sep			typhus fever
Manley      Ransom	28	m	m	Virginia	Nov	farmer		accidental
Mills       Joseph E.	1	m		Missouri	Sep			unknown
Mock        Frederica	34	f	m	Germany		Jan			winter fever
Moses       Sarah	17	f		Ohio		Mar			inf lungs
Naphew      Eliza T.	5	f		Ohio		Feb			croup
Neal        Sarpeta Jane2	f		Ohio		Oct			scarlet fever
Hewland     Nancy A.	11	f		Ohio		Sep			billious fever
Otis        Allice	50	f	m	Ohio		Dec			errisyplas
Otis        Barnabas	90	m	m	Massachusetts	Jan	farmer		old age
Otis        Mehetibel	85	f	m	Connecticut	Jan			old age
Owen        Irvin C.	2	m		Ohio		Sep			flux
Paine       Wm.		3	m		Marion Co.	Nov			brain fever
Pearce      Rodney	13	m		Marion Co.	Jul  m  barber		congestion
Philips     Jasper	17	m		Ohio		Sep	farmer		thrown from a horse
Porter      Margaret	48	f		Maryland	Aug			dropsey
Price       Mary K.	6	f		Ohio		Jul			scarlet fever
Riddle      Rebecca	7	f		Ohio		Nov			scarlet fever
Ross        Eliza	11 mos	f		Marion Co.	Nov			croup
Safford     George	18	m		Pennsylvania	Nov	laborer		winter fever
Sears       Isaac	48	m	m	Virginia	Jul	farmer		cancer
Skate       Moriah	1	f		Ohio		Sep			scarlet fever
Skinner     Wilber W.	2	m		Ohio		Jul			bilious fever
Smith       Charles	9	m		Marion Co.	Sep			croup
Southwick   Artimesia N	15	f		Pennsylvania	Aug			bilious fever
Spangler    Thomas	1	m		Ohio		Oct			flux
Spangler    William	13	m		Ohio		Oct			flux
Sprague     William	40	m		Ohio		Sep	farmer		flux
Stayner     Mary	89	f	w	Pennsylvania	Jan			old age
Tharp       John Y.	75	m	m	Virginia	Jun	farmer		gravel
Thatcher    John	32	m		Ohio		Apr	potter		fever
Thew        Eliza	18	f	m	England		Apr			consumption
Thew        Margaret	29	f	m	Ohio		Nov			consumption
Twomley     Eliza	4	f		Ohio		Jun			dropsey on the brain
Tyler       Jeremiah	3	m		Ohio		Aug			worms
Van Buskirk Charles W.	15	m		Ohio		Sep	laborer		fever
Van Hauton  John	28	m	m	Ohio		Oct	farmer		quick consumption
Waits       Adam	58	m	m	Pennsylvania	Aug	blacksmith	billious fever
Weise       Peter	8	m		Germany		Aug			cholera morbus
Welker      John	38	m	m	Kentucky	Sep	wagon maker 	eresyples
Wells       Adam	56	m	m	Germany		Feb	farmer		fever
Wheler      Laura S.	5	f		Ohio		Sep			scarlet fever
Wheler      Rachel	7	f		Ohio		Jun			unknown
Whistler    Henry	79	f	w	Pennsylvania	Sep	farmer		bilious fever
Williams    Abraham J.	37	m	m	Ohio		Sep	farmer		typhus fever
Wolf        John G.	67	m	m	Germany		Jul			consumption
Wolford     Emily	3 mos	f		Ohio		Apr			fits