Soldiers who enlisted  in other states but whose residence was Marion County, Ohio


Stephen K Coffy
Enlisted as a Private at the age of 30
Promoted to Full Sergeant
Enlisted in Company D, 10th Infantry Regiment RA
Discharged on 30 July 1867

Charles Jenkins, Farmer
New Marion
Enlisted as a Private on 20 June 1863 at the age of 18
Enlisted in Company C, 55th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts on 27 June 1863
Mustered out on 29 August 1865 in Charleston, SC

John Dunlap, Engraver
Enlisted as a Private on 01 July 1864 at the age of 24
Enlisted in Company B, 35th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts on 01 July 1864
Deserted on 22 July 1864


James R Toms
Enlisted as a Private on 11 April 1865 at the age of 18
Substitute in Company U, 10th Infantry Regiment Michigan on 11 April 1865
Discharged on 16 May 1865 in Hart's Island, NY Harbor, NY

Andrew C Criss
Enlisted as a Private on 16 August 1861 in Toledo, OH at the age of 26
Enlisted in Company E, 1st Cavalry Regiment Michigan on 04 September 1861
Died of disease on 01 July 1862 in Alexandria, VA


George W Kise
Enlisted as a Private on 11 November 1862
Enlisted in Company A, 2nd Cavalry Regiment Kansas on 11 November 1862
Promoted to Full Corporal on 12 November 1863
Mustered out on 14 April 1865


Orrin W Avery
Enlisted as a Sergeant 1st Class on 20 August 1862 at the age of 22
Enlisted in Company I, 40th Infantry Regiment Iowa on 10 October 1862
Received a disability discharge on 10 September 1863 in Memphis, TN


John R Knapp
Promoted to Full Quartermaster Sergeant
Enlisted as a Private on 02 December 1864
Enlisted in Company D, 142nd Infantry Regiment Indiana on 02 December 1864
Mustered out on 14 July 1865 in Nashville, TN


J. S. Turner
Enlisted as a Private on 04 February 1862
Enlisted in Company Battery I, 1st Light Artillery Regiment Illinois on 10 February 1862