The information in this list is drawn from a number of sources including:
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Marion County Family Genealogies, Marion Area Genealogy Society, 1980
International Genealogical Index
Ancestral File
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1850 Federal census records for California & Ohio

Benjamin Baker
Married Elizabeth Ulsh, Feb 1849, Marion.
Letter from Manahan, Sep 20, 1850, Sacrament: "Isaac Ulsh and Benjamin Baker stopped in Hangtown [Placerville] to go to mining."
Letter from Miller, Nov 22, 1850, Nevada City: "We left Isaac Ulsh and Benjamin Baker at Weberville [near Placerville]…."
Lived in Prospect township, Dec 1860.
Superintendent of Marion Infirmary, Dec 1860.
Horace W. Baker
Married Elizabeth Thomas, 1842, Marion.
Children: Henry Ellis, born Jul 1843, died Mar 1847, Marion; Ellmore C., born Feb 1846, died Feb 1847, Marion.
Marion Buckeye Eagle Jan 1851: "There is a report in circulation, that our worthy friend and fellow townsman, Horace W. Baker, who went to California last spring, is dead. We hope it is not so, but fear it is too true. Mr. Baker was an excellent man, and we regret his loss to this community."
George Beckley
Born 1808, PA. Son of John Beckley who was in Scott Township by 1826.
Married Elizabeth Miller, 1833, Marion.
Lived in Crawford County, 1849.
Left Independence Apr 19, 1949.
Died 1878, possibly in Indiana.
George Washington Bowers
Born about 1818.
Married Maria Dutton, 1843, Delaware Co.
Children (all born Marion): Harriet, born 1844, died 1927; George W., born 1846, died 1915, Shelby Co., MO; Winfield S., born Feb 1849, died 1907.
See Brady. Undated letter to wife from California "I am sick with a fever and chills and have a pain in my chest, probably from sleeping on the ground during the rain and snow. If you will stick it out a little longer, I will be coming home with much money. I have decided to sell my claim up in the mountain and buy an auction store. Don't tell anyone I have written you unless it is my sister Annie. I have $2000 and I expect to be home by next spring."
Died about 1851, California.
Ancestor of Phyllis.
J. Brady
Marion Buckeye Eagle, Apr 4, 1849: "A company of our citizens left this place yesterday, and took up the line of march for the gold regions of California…. Messrs Bowers and Brady preceded the rest of the company some days, for the purpose of purchasing team and provisions."
____ Bunn
Probably one of the Marion Bunn brothers, Granville, Peter, or John.
Left for California Apr 10, 1849.
John Chambers
Born 1823.
Possibly married Rachael Lewis, 1848, Delaware Co., who died 1854, Marion.
Left for California Apr 10, 1849.
Possibly married Sarah M. Neal, 1857, Marion.
Enoch H. Clark
Possibly married Sarah Kent, 1848, Marion.
Wrote letter from Placerville, August 13, 1850: "I reached the ‘land of gold’ the 23rd of July and should have written you sooner but wanted to wait until I could tell you I was well. My health is now good as ever it was. I was very much fatigued when I arrived, by traveling and going with scant rations, for I did not have as much good victuals as I would have relished for the last four or five hundred miles and was obliged to walk nearly the whole of that distance. This is the first hardship I ever knew…. I do not like California at all. Extract the gold from the soil and it would have no attraction for me. A horse would soon starve to death if permitted to run at large…. My advice to my friends if they wish it about coming to California, is to be content with what they have and stay home. Still I am not discouraged and am glad I came. I think any one with health and perseverance may do well."
See also Coffy.
Possibly married Adelia J. Hodges, 1855, Marion and Sally Ann Shoots, 1862, Marion.
Possible children (all born Franklin Co.): Finley R, born 1857; Landy Cory, born 1864; Eva Ann, born 1866.
William Coffy
Married Susan Parker, 1846, Marion.
Letter from Miller, Sep 22, 1850, Nevada City: "Mister Enoch Clark and William Coffy are here and are well and in good spirits."
Possible owner of Coffey’s Saloon, Marion, 1857.
____ Cooper
Left for California Apr 3, 1849.
____ Dillingham
There were a number of men named Dillingham around Marion in this time period, including Hiram, Otis, Robert, and Sylvanus.
Letter from Manahan, Sacramento, Jul 20, 1850: "Dilingham and Isaiah Pearce, Henry Pearce and Red, we left on the other side of the desert. I am very uneasy about them, they would not, or Dilingham would not cross on the night, we crossed in the night and liked to have perished and it was a great deal worse in the day time. We heard that Henry Pearce had got across and was packing water back to some one of the men that had gave out. We did not learn which one it was."
Letter from Clark, Placerville, Aug 13, 1850: "…we were overtaken by Miller and the rest of the Marion boys, and stayed with them until six hundred miles of this place where we commenced packing. We left them and Dillingham with good teams and wagons, the latter thought we were very foolish for leaving our wagons. I thought then of home. But it went much better than I expected. We would have saved time by packing sooner, but we got in [Jul 23] eight or ten days before the rest of the boys. They all left their wagons and packed at last. Dillingham left all his horses on the road within two hundred miles of here."
Letter from Miller, Nevada City, Sep 22, 1850: "Our horses ran down so low that we were obliged to leave our wagon about half way down the Humbolt. Pearce’s mess left their wagon about the same time. Pearce came on then with his father."
John B. Dumble
Left for California Apr 3, 1849.
Marion Buckeye Eagle Jul 3, 1851: "We take pleasure in announcing the return of our old friend and fellow Townsman, John Dumble, who left here near three years ago with a number of others in search of the Elephant upon the coast of the Pacific. We have not ascertained whether he brought with him a Pocket full of rocks, as the saying is, or not; but, we have no doubt he feels sufficiently gratified, that he has been permitted life and health to return at all, even though he may not have been permitted to accumulate any of that, the love of which, is declared in the BOOK of books, to be the root of all evil."
Loaned $150 to Sam Saiter Nov 1851.
Postmaster of Marion 1857-; of Mt. Gilead 1860-.
Editor of Marion Democratic Mirror 1846-, 1857-.
Brother of Joseph Dumble, editor of Marion Eagle/Marion County Republican 1856-1857.
Married Caroline Elliott or Gates, 1846, Knox Co.; possibly married Hannah VanTrese, 1855, Marion.
Child: Edwin W., born 1853, died Aug 1855, Marion.
Adam Epley
Arrived in gold country Jul 19, 1850 with Manahan.
William Fisher
Married Anne Eliza Keese (sister of Samuel below), 1842, Marion.
Left for California Apr 10, 1849.
Marion County Republican Jul 14, 1859: "Died at his residence in Richland township, in this county on the 26th ult., Wm. Fisher, aged 52 years. The disease which caused his death was that known as Milk Sickness. His brother is Dr. Fisher.
"Died on the 30th ult., Silas Bennett, adopted child of William and Ann Eliza Fisher in the 11th year of his age.
"Died on the 8th inst., Ann Eliza, relict of William Fisher, aged 35 years."
Survived by another adopted son.
Philander C. Gorton
Born 1817, Franklin Co., son of Hezekiah Gorton and Alfe Capron.
Married Catherine Haywood, 1840, Marion.
Marion Buckeye Eagle, Apr 10, 1851: "Died in California, on the 5th day of last Jan., Philander Gorton, formerly of this place – son of Col. Gorton. He leaves a wife and 6 small children to mourn the loss of an affectionate father and kind husband. Mr. Gorton spent his early years in and near Marion and will be remembered by those who knew him as a kind hearted boy and an excellent man. A few years after he was married he removed from this place to Noble county, Ind., where he resided until he started for California, one year ago last Oct., and where his family still resides."
Samuel Titus Keese
Born 1823, Morrow or Marion Ohio, son of John Keese and Sarah Benedict.
Married Phoebe Meritt.
Went West Apr 10, 1849.
Died 22 Nov 1851.
Nicholas Kepner
Born 1825, Marion; son of Jacob Kepner and Catherine Sidener.
Arrived in gold country Jul 19, 1850 with Manahan.
Married Rachael Mattix, 1852, Marion.
Nine children born Fayette Co., IL 1853-1866 and Swift Co., MN 1869-1877.
Arthur Lapham
Born 1802.
Married Matilda Faurot, 1826, Champagne.
Five children born 1830-42.
Lived in Champagne Co.
Marion Buckeye Eagle, Apr 4, 1849: "A company of six or seven, with one wagon, headed by Arthur Lapham, Esq., left Big Island township on the 26th ult., for California."
Died 1850.
George W. Larabee
Possible son of James H. Larabee of Scott township.
Left Independence Apr 19, 1949.
Married Ann Campbell, 1858, Marion.
Henry Larabee
Possible son of James H. Larabee of Scott township.
Left Independence Apr 19, 1949.
Augustus W. Madison
Married Mary A. VanKirk, 1853, Marion.
Child: Henry, b. 1869, Marion
Aron Manahan
Wrote letter from Sacramento, Jul 20, 1850: "Nicholas Kepner, Adam Epley, John W. Miller, Henry R. Whitsel, and myself, arrived here this morning, all in reasonably good health, after a long and tedious journey…. As for myself I intend to scratch hard for a raise, but as soon as I make a decent raise I am bound for home. We never will be recompensated for what we have endured if we get piles upon piles of money it will never pay the damage done to our constitutions…. We send our respects to all our friends, and Henry R. Whitsel and myself particularly send our love to our wives and little children."
Charles Maynard
Went West Apr 10, 1849.
John McCan
Marion Buckeye Eagle, Jan 30, 1851: "Through the politeness of a lady in this place, we have been permitted to read a letter from her husband in California, which, by the way, don’t give much encouragement to new adventurers for the region of Gold. He states that Mr. John McCan, who formerly resided in this place and left a year ago for California had his back broke by a bank caving in upon him. There was hopes of his recovery, but not much."
John W. Miller
Arrived in gold country Jul 19, 1850 with Manahan.
Letter from Nevada City, Sep 22, 1850: "Dear father, I reached California after a most tiresome journey of ninety days. Space will not permit me to give a full and detailed account of the entire journey. We left St. Joseph, Mo. April 20th.…We came on to the Yuba, where we commenced mining. Not being satisfied with the prospects at the Yuba, we came to Little Deer Creek [Nevada City], where we have remained ever since.…I feel tolerable well satisfied so far."
Letter from Dry Creek, El Dorado County, Feb 1, 1851: "Dear Brother, I take this method to inform you that your of the 22nd of November came to hand, and I assure you that it afforded no small degree of pleasure to receive a letter from house and friends…. I have been mining since my arrival in California but with poor success. I design going to teaming in the course of a few weeks, considering that better than mining. According to the state of things I do not expect to make much of a future, but I think I shall be able to return with something of a pile at least. It is my intention to return in the course of a year…. The Marion boys are all living within a few miles of each other and meet once a week."
Possibly married Olive Cunningham, Dec 1853.
Joseph Munn
Married Elizabeth Larabee, 1845, Marion.
Left Independence Apr 19, 1949.
A.H. Patterson
Ad in Marion Buckeye Eagle, Feb 18, 1849: "Ho! For California! Dissolution of Partnership. Selling out at Cost. The partnership heretofore existing under the name of Patterson & Sharpless, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. As one of the men designs leaving for California by the middle of March next, we are desirous that our customers will call and settle up. One or the other of the undersigned will be found at all times, up to the 13th of March next, at the old shop. A.H. Patterson, Paul Sharpless."
Henry F. Pearce
Traveled with Dillingham.
Isaiah Pearce
Traveled with Dillingham.
Thomas Pickett
Left Independence Apr 19, 1949.
Phillip O. Redd
Born 1818, Washington Co., PA. Son of Daniel Redd.
Married Elizabeth Rupp, 1843, Marion.
Traveled with Dillingham.
Accidentally shot in arm on way to California. Turned back after travelling 2/3 distance.
Children (all probably born Marion): James K., born 1844; Minerva, born 1847; Margaret, born 1849; Mary, born 1849; Levi, born 1854; Tabitha, born 1856; Addison, born 1859; Annetta, born 1859; Ella B., born 1864.
Died 1884, Marion.
____ Rogers
Went West Apr 10, 1849.
George Rowe
Marion Buckeye Eagle, Apr 11, 1849: "The California company raised in this place by our enterprising fellow citizen Gen. George Rowe, left town yesterday morning for their destinations at the gold diggings."
Mother Elizabeth died 1851 when George was in California.
____ Rowe
Went West Apr 10, 1849.
Paul Sharpless
Married Amanda Coffy, Oct 1848.
See Patterson.
John Smith
Left for California Apr 3, 1849.
John Summerlot
Possibly married Sarah Kuch 1843, Marion and/or Catherine Onselman 1844, Marion.
Went West Apr 10, 1849.
Wrote letter from Sacramento, Apr 1850: "My health is very good indeed, my weight is now 204 lbs., nearly 24 lbs. more than I ever weighed before. I am now living on the American fork seven miles from Sacramento City. It is a most delightful place at this time. The plains are as beautiful as a garden of flowers, and the air is as pure as the purest that blows on the earth. We have plenty of game of all sorts…. I am working at my trade here and have been ever since I come to this country. I have not mined any yet, but intend to go to the mountains in about two weeks to try my luck. I think that I can make what money I want this season, if I keep my health, and if I do I shall be back this fall."
Benjamin R. Topping
Went West Apr 10, 1849.
Isaac Ulsh
Born Apr 1830. Son of Jacob Ulsh.
See Benjamin Baker.
Married Catherine Sorrick, 1854, Marion.
Died 1856, Marion.
George Adam Uncapher
Born 1815, PA.
Marion Buckeye Eagle, Aug 1852: "To those having friends in California. [Bankers] have not sufficient confidence in Nevada Express to accept a small…draft. The hard working miners should not risk their earnings in the Express. The draft was sent to our old friend John Uncapher, by his son George, now in California."
Directory of Marion Infirmary, 1858
H. VanHouton
Left for California Apr 3, 1849.
Henry R. Whitsel
Married Hannah Dunkelberger, 1841, Marion.
Arrived in gold country Jul 19, 1850 with Manahan.
David Zuck
Born 1831, Marion. Son of Abraham Zuck and Bathsheba Search.
Went West Apr 10, 1849.
Letter from Summerlot, Sacramento, Apr 30, 1850: "If you have any notion of coming to California, don’t come the overland route by any means. David Zuck, myself, and four more of the boys left the team 400 miles from the valley, with five and a half pounds of hard bread apiece to travel through on. We reached Losson’s settlement in nine days, having traveled nearly 45 miles per day."
Married Elizabeth Jump, 1853, Marion.
Children: Oliver, Ella, Lilly.