1890 Census Special Schedule
Marion County, Ohio

Page 1: Big Island Township, Bowling Green Township, Claridon Township

Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, and Widows, Etc.

Additional information on census not included here: post-office address, company, regiment, dates of enlistment and discharge, and length of service.

Big Island Township

First Last Rank Enlisted Township Disability Incurred Remarks Additional Information
John A. Sappington P Ohio Big Island      
Jacob Ford P Ohio Big Island deafness by catching cold  
Henry Dutabohn T   Big Island   Confederate  
Alson Brady P Ohio Big Island lung disease reinlisted veteran  
Olive M. Yauger P Ohio Big Island congestion of liver reinlisted veteran Widow of Jacob Yangeres
William Kennedy P Ohio Big Island Fracture of hip Reinlinsted veteran  
Thomas Moon P Ohio Big Island Cronic disease    
William Thomas P Ohio Big Island      
Martha Clapper     Big Island   Lost his discharge papers Widow of Harry Clapper
William Fisher P Ohio Big Island   Reinlisted veteran  
James Rhodes P Ohio Big Island Prolapse of bowells    
Joseph M. Cottsell P Ohio Big Island      
Henry E. Spandler P Pa Big Island      
John Herndon P Ohio Big Island Defect in eyesight From fever contracted  
William C. Baker C Ohio Big Island Lung disease exposure Reinlinsted veteran  
Sarah E. Keller     Big Island   Lost discharge Widow of
Thomas Sprague C Ohio Big Island Defect of eyesight Contracted from cold veteran  
Adoph O. Cranmer S Ohio Big Island Scladed by explosion Of the vessell Sultana  
Benjamin Birans P Ohio Big Island Lost speech Reinlisted veteran  
James W. Redding P Ohio Big Island Disability of spine    
Andrew Bentz P Ohio Big Island Chronic diarhea    
Henry Pace P Ohio Big Island Chronic diarhea In vells island prison 7 months  
Andrew J. Thomason P Ohio Big Island Nervous disability Result of blood poison  
David J. Carr P Ohio Big Island Heart trouble Over work at building fort  
Everett Messenger P Ohio Big Island Wounded in right thigh    
Chandler M. Stockwell P Ohio Big Island Heart & lung trouble    
Amanda E. Messenger P Ohio Big Island Disease of spine   Widow of George Messenger
Edward Wynn P Ohio Big Island      
Alexander P Doress P Ohio Big Island      
Joseph Moore P Ohio Big Island      
Peter Helwig P Ohio Big Island Chronic diarhea    
David Messenger P Ohio Big Island Chronic diarhea    
John Ruth P Ohio Big Island      
William Brady P Ohio Big Island      
John Mathews P Ohio Big Island      
Johnathan M Cummins P Ohio Big Island Ruptured side Shot in foot  
Robert Cofland P Ohio Big Island Kidney affiction    
Albert J. Niles P NY Big Island Heart affiction Prisoner Andersonville & Florence  
Columbus Manly P Ohio Big Island Wounded in left foot    
Eugene Thompson P Ohio Big Island Chronic diarhea    
John C Travis P Ohio Big Island Chronic diarhea Reinlinsted veteran  
Asa Messenger     Big Island   Refused to answer  

Bowling Green Twp.

John Carter P Ohio Bowling Green Gunshot wound in right foot    
Leonidas Orr P Ohio Bowling Green      
Samuel Allen P   Bowling Green   Had no discharge  
Timothy Grady     Bowling Green      
William Oberdier C Ohio Bowling Green Indigestion    
Rosalina Harris P Ohio Bowling Green     Widow of Peter Harris
Ephriam H. Wathius P Ohio Bowling Green      
Francis W. Doll P   Bowling Green   Chronic diarhea  
Adeline Nash P Ohio Bowling Green     Formerly wid of Fernando Goetchius
Ira Kyle P Ind Bowling Green Gunshot wound left arm Cannot give complete dates  
Olliere J Harris P Ohio Bowling Green deafness Cannot give complete dates  
Arrilla Harris     Bowling Green (same family as Olliere J Harris) Cannot give any record Formerly wid of Barton Dawson
Isaac H Williams P Ohio Bowling Green Hurt by fall from car    
Edmund L. Payne P Ohio Bowling Green      
Henry Lane P Ohio Bowling Green      
George P Codding P Ohio Bowling Green      
Isabell Short P Ohio Bowling Green     Wid of John Short
Jane McClellan P Ohio Bowling Green     Wid of Wm. A McClellan
William Self     Bowling Green Bowels trouble, also liver & heart Discharge not at home  
Violet Clark P Ohio Bowling Green     Wid of Nathan Clark
William Valentine P Ohio Bowling Green      
Benjamin Walters P Ohio Bowling Green      
Frederick Duvall P Ohio Bowling Green General disability PO: Union county  
John B. Griffith C Kan Bowling Green   PO: Union county  
Benjamin Lauer C US Bowling Green      
Amos Arrvishead P Ohio Bowling Green      
Isaac Naggle P Ohio Bowling Green      
David Tanner P Ohio Bowling Green Spinal and kidney trouble    
Evaline Monk P Ohio Bowling Green     Wid of James Monk
David Price P Ohio Bowling Green General disability    
Patrick McGraid     Bowling Green   Would give no record  
Elija Sayers P Ohio Bowling Green Gunshot wound in shoulder    
William Bonham P Ohio Bowling Green      
Francis G. Young P Ohio Bowling Green      
Mathew G. Miller S Ohio Bowling Green      
Enoch H Tyler P Ohio Bowling Green      
Harriet Tyler     Bowling Green (same family as Enoch H. Tyler) Discharge stolen Formerly widow of Daniel Bridleman
John Harris C Ohio Bowling Green Gunshot wound in right side    
Robert E Benson C Ohio Bowling Green      

Claridon Twp.

Harrison Kinnamon P Ohio Canaan Weak eyes from poison. Boyonet wound in left hip   P.O. is Caledonia –enumerated in Morrow Co.
Samuel S. Grover P Ohio Canaan Cutarrh in head. Sight & hearing   P.O. is Caledonia –enumerated in Morrow Co.
William Kinnamon P Ohio Canaan   Could not find discharge P.O. is Caledonia – enumerated in Morrow Co.
William H. Claypool P Ohio Canaan Catarrh in head. Hemorage of lungs. Chronic rheumatism   P.O. is Caledonia – enumerated in Morrow Co.
George W. Keyes P Ohio Claridon Loss of health from measles    
William Dildine P Ohio Claridon Camp diarrhoea    
Rachael Cline P Ohio Claridon Died on 17 oct 1862   Widow of William H. Cline
Emeline Rowan P Ohio Claridon     Formerly widow of Wilson Myres
George W. Underwood P Ohio Claridon Rheumatism    
William S. Smith P Ohio Claridon      
Mahala F. Smith P   Claridon     Formerly widow of Columbus L. Haines
Harrison H. Irey P Ohio Claridon Powder burns    
James Noblet P Ohio Claridon Chronic diahhhoe    
Daniel Fidrow     Claridon     U.S. Soldier
Randolph Vanator     Claridon     U.S. Soldier
Nancy M. Walterhus     Claridon     Widow U.S. Soldier
William A. Clemons P Ohio Claridon Two fingers shot off Re-enlisted veteran  
Sarah Warwick P Ohio Claridon     Widow of John Warwick
Levi Gaerte P Ind Claridon Rupture    
Thomas B. Keeclo S Ohio Claridon Spinal irritation and epilepsy    
Charles E. Warwick P Ohio Claridon 130 days in Libby Prison    
Robert L. Highly P Ia Claridon None    
Joshua A. Francis S Ohio Claridon None    
Benjamin Underwood P Ohio Claridon none    
William E. Moon P Ind Claridon      
Julia A. Moon     Claridon (same household as William E. Moon) no information Formerly widow of John F. Crow
Elza H. Day     Claridon      
Christian Ziller P Ohio Claridon      
John Winteraft P NJ Claridon      
Margaret A. Winteraft P Ohio Claridon (same household as John Winteraft)   Formerly widow of Rosewell Field
Jonas Stafford P NY Claridon      
John G. Book P NJ Claridon      
Mary O. Weber P Ohio Claridon   No information Widow of Jacob Weber
Edmond H. Dodge M MI Claridon      
John McCafferty P Ohio Claridon      
James Blair P Ohio Claridon Varicose veins of both legs    
Elza H. Day P Ohio Claridon   Dup  
Princess E. Noblit P Ohio Claridon     Formerly widow of Henry Smith
George Beck P Ohio Claridon      
George W. Ault P Ohio Claridon      
Mary L. Parcel P   Claridon     Widow of Solomon W. Parcel
Frank Shrewes P Ohio Claridon      
William Fields C Ohio Claridon Wounded arm    
Caroline C. Ulsh P Ohio Claridon Lost health   Formerly widow of Franklin Thomas
Amos Gochenour P Ohio Claridon Diarrhoea    
William H. Warwick P Ohio Claridon Totally disabled Could get no record  
Edward Kellar P Ohio Claridon      
William Brocklesby     Claridon   Could get no record  
Ami Cluff P Ohio Claridon Lung fever    
Orville Kerr     Claridon   Could get no record  
Jacob Boyer P Ohio Claridon Wounded in foot and arm while in action    
Amos L. Courtright P NY Claridon      
Nicholas Phillippi P Ohio Claridon      
Micheal Click P Ohio Claridon      
John J. Smith P Ohio Claridon Rhumatism    
Micheal Shuey P Ohio Claridon Chronic diarrhoea & rhumatism    
Minerva J. Bacon     Claridon     Widow of U.S. soldier
George Bayles     Claridon     U.S. soldier
John H. Weiss     Claridon     U.S. soldier
Winfield S. Stone     Claridon     U.S. soldier
Clarissa Burns     Claridon     Widow of U.S. soldier
John Kinnamon     Claridon     U.S. soldier
Joshua Ullm     Claridon     U.S. soldier
Spencer Bayles P Ind Claridon      

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