1850 Agriculture Census

The 1850 Marion County Agriculture Census listed owners, agents, and managers of farms. Heads of household only are listed and I have transcribed them below with their townships.

Also on the agriculture census are: acerage and value of land; number and value of animals such as horses, sheep, milch cows, and swine; bushels of crops such as oats, Indian corn, and wheat; and amount of farm products such as butter and eggs. Note that sometimes the census taker included two townships on one page without indicating who was in which one.

Aaronholt, William, Prospect / Greencamp
Adams, Robert, Prospect / Greencamp
Adams, Thomas, Prospect / Greencamp
Akins, Peter, Waldo
Allen, Stephen, Marion
Almendinger, Godleif, Pleasant
Almentinger, David, Waldo
Almentinger, Jacob, Prospect / Greencamp
Anderson, Ira, Big Island
Anderson, John, Marion
Anderson, John, Scott
Anderson, Joseph, Big Island
Anderson, Martha, Grand Prairie
Anderson, Thomas, Grand Prairie
Andrew, John B, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Armstrong, John S., Tully
Armstrong, Mary, Montgomery
Atrillions, Joseph, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Augustine, John, Pleasant
Auld, John, Grand Prairie
Ault, John A., Grand Prairie
Bain, John, Montgomery
Bain, William, Marion
Baird, William, Tully
Baker, Allen, Marion
Baker, Chas, Marion
Baker, Eber, Marion
Baker, George, Marion
Baker, Jacob, Pleasant
Baker, Lincoln, Marion
Baker, Millard, Waldo
Baker, Oscar, Marion
Baker, Robert, Grand Prairie
Baldwin, Francis, Prospect / Greencamp
Baldwin, James C, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Baldwin, William, Tully
Balentine, John, Marion
Baringer, Jacob, Scott
Barks, Joshua, Marion
Barnhart, David, Pleasant
Barnhart, Martin, Richland
Barns, Konal, Big Island
Baseler, Fredrich, Richland
Bates, Dexter, Big Island
Bates, John C., Big Island
Baughman, Samuel, Prospect / Greencamp
Bayley, George, Claridon
Bearinger, Christan, Claridon
Bearinger, Christian, Richland
Beerbower, Peter, Marion
Beerbower, Samuel, Prospect / Greencamp
Bell, Jonathan, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Bender, E, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Bennet, S.S., Marion
Bensley, Jacob, Prospect / Greencamp
Berry, Peter, Prospect / Greencamp
Bettey, Henry, Big Island
Bibler, John, Grand Prairie
Bibler, John A., Grand Prairie
Bibler, Samuel, Pleasant
Bickel, Micheal, Richland
Bigerstaff, Mglain, Pleasant
Biggerstaff, Friend, Prospect / Greencamp
Birch, William, Montgomery
Bishop, Elias, Waldo
Blair, Edward, Grand
Blocksom, Job, Richland
Blocksom, Samuel, Richland
Boger, Martin, Waldo
Bolton, Robert, Claridon
Bonham, E S, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Book, Jacob, Claridon
Booth, Aaron, Richland
Booth, Jacob, Marion
Borklocker, Jacob, Grand Prairie
Bourbock, Jacob, Claridon
Bourn, James, Scott
Bourr, Philip, Richland
Bowden, Albert, Pleasant
Bowdish, Elijah, Marion
Bowdish, Samuel, Marion
Bowen, O., Marion
Bower, Geo, Prospect / Greencamp
Bower, John, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Bowersock, Jacob, Tully
Boworth, Nahum, Grand Prairie
Boyd, James, Pleasant
Boyd, John, Pleasant
Boyd, John W., Pleasant
Boyd, Joseph, Pleasant
Boyd, Sylvester, Waldo
Boyer, Adam, Scott
Boynten, Amos, Scott
Braden, William, Tully
Brady, C., Marion
Brady, Daniel, Big Island
Brady, John, Big Island
Bratten, William, Big Island
Brenner, David, Claridon
Brets, Samuel, Grand Prairie
Brockelsby, Wm, Claridon
Brooks, Josiah, Claridon
Brown, Moses, Marion
Brownlee, Archibald, Grand Prairie
Brownlee, James, Tully
Brownlee, Jamy, Tully
Bruce, James, Prospect / Greencamp
Brudrage, John, Waldo
Bryant, Joseph, Big Island
Bryant, Joseph W., Big Island
Bunison, James, Montgomery
Bunt, Ebniezar, Claridon
Burkhart, Michael, Grand Prairie
Burnet, David, Claridon
Burns, Chas, Claridon
Burns, Wm, Claridon
Busby, G.H., Marion
Butler, Daniel, Grand
Butler, Joel D., Marion
Campbell, Francis, Marion
Campbell, James, Tully
Campbell, John, Grand Prairie
Campbell, Michael, Grand Prairie
Cardiff, William, Grand Prairie
Carey, Russel, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Carr, Abslam, Big Island
Carr, Jane, Tully
Carter, Joseph, Prospect / Greencamp
Cartwright, Wm E, Prospect / Greencamp
Cary, William, Montgomery
Chaney, Francis O, Prospect / Greencamp
Chapman, Henry, Big Island
Chard, James, Prospect / Greencamp
Clark, Chas. M., Scott
Clark, Elisha, Grand
Clark, Enoch, Salt Rock
Clark, Garry, Scott
Clark, Harry, Marion
Clark, Harvy, Claridon
Clark, John, Marion
Clark, Purrett, Scott
Clark, Riley P., Marion
Clark, Robert, Marion
Clark, Robert M., Big Island
Clark, Roxanna, Tully
Clark Jr., John, Big Island
Claypole, Jacob, Waldo
Clayton, James, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Clements, Robert, Grand Prairie
Clendenen, John, Claridon
Click, Catherine, Richland
Clinefelter, Sarah, Richland
Clingle, George, Claridon
Clingle, Robert, Richland
Close, Ann, Marion
Clouse, George, Richland
Clutter, M., Scott
Coble, Adam, Pleasant
Cole, William, Prospect / Greencamp
Coleman, Henry, Waldo
Coleman, James, Grand
Coleman, John, Waldo
Coleman, Valentine, Waldo
Coleman, Valentine, Waldo
Conklin, C.W., Marion
Conklin, Washington W., Marion
Cookis, Lewis, Prospect / Greencamp
Coonrod, Adam, Pleasant
Cooper, Edward, Tully
Cooper, Jacob, Prospect / Greencamp
Copeland, J.S., Marion
Corman, Philip, Grand Prairie
Counterman, Henry, Waldo
Counts, George, Pleasant
Counts, Joseph, Pleasant
Coupinger, David, Grand Prairie
Cox, Abraham, Tully
Cradduck, James, Prospect / Greencamp
Cramer, Israel, Big Island
Cramer, Jonathan, Montgomery
Crandall, John B., Big Island
Craner, Benjamin, Claridon
Cratty, Robert, Prospect / Greencamp
Cratty, Thomas, Prospect / Greencamp
Cratty, Thomas, Prospect / Greencamp
Crawford, Jacob, Waldo
Crawford, William, Waldo
Creasap, Van, Richland
Crip, Jenry, Grand Prairie
Crisman, Nathaniel, Big Island
Crissip, Daniel, Richland
Cronne, John, Pleasant
Crosby, Martin, Grand Prairie
Culp, Simon, Waldo
Cunningham, James, Scott
Curry, Joseph G., Grand Prairie
Cushman, Artemus, Big Island
Cushman, David, Waldo
Daniel, Elijha, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Darick, Wm, Pleasant
Darlington, Cary A., Grand Prairie
Davids, Thomas, Prospect / Greencamp
Davis, Caroline, Grand
Davis, Elias, Big Island
Davis, Frund, Pleasant
Davis, Joshua, Big Island
Davis, Nehemiah, Salt Rock
Davis, Silas, Waldo
Davis, Watter, Grand
Davis, Zephenia, Claridon
Dawson, James, Pleasant
Day, Covington, Big Island
Day, Samuel, Montgomery
Deal, Geo, Salt Rock
Deal, Henry, Grand
Decker, James, Tully
Deigle, George, Grand Prairie
Deipert, Henry, Richland
Deipert, John, Richland
Deipert, Jones, Richland
Denman, Daniel G., Waldo
Detwiler, Henry, Waldo
Detwiler, Jacob, Claridon
Dick, John P, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Dickerson, Isaac, Montgomery
Dickerson, Jonathan, Big Island
Dier, Jacob, Richland
Dillingham, Hiram, Richland
Dire, Fredrick, Richland
Ditch, Micheal, Richland
Dodd, John, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Doty, James, Salt Rock
Douse, James, Claridon
Douse, Robt, Claridon
Drake, Daniel S., Waldo
Drake, Dorothy, Pleasant
Drake, Zenaphia, Grand
Duke, Thomas, Tully
Dunbar, Joseph, Prospect / Greencamp
Dunclebarger, Peter, Richland
Dunman, Andrew, Waldo
Dunsbar, Wm, Claridon
Durfee, R.R., Marion
Ellmaker, John, Waldo
Emery, John, Richland
Emery, Maria, Richland
Engle, John, Grand Prairie
Eply, George, Scott
Essex, James, Prospect / Greencamp
Everet, William, Big Island
Everly, Godfrey, Waldo
Eyestone, Anst F., Waldo
Eyestone, Daniel, Waldo
Eyestone, George F. , Waldo
Eyestone, Godfrey, Waldo
Eyestore, Jacob, Richland
Falk, Henry, Richland
Falk, Richard, Pleasant
Farmer, Isaac, Salt Rock
Farnnelinger, Jacob, Grand Prairie
Farout, Ira, Montgomery
Felten, George, Claridon
Felton, Philip, Grand Prairie
Fish, Samuel, Pleasant
Fitzhui, John C., Pleasant
Fletcher, John, Claridon
Foos, Jesse, Scott
Foos, John, Scott
Foos, Nathan, Scott
Ford, Jas, Big Island
Fosteinberger, Charles, Richland
Fowler, Willy, Big Island
Franklin, Thomas W, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Frederick, Henry, Big Island
Frederick, Z., Big Island
Free, Micheal, Pleasant
Freeman, Asa, Pleasant
Fustionberger, John, Richland
Gable, Peter, Richland
Gamble, Robert, Grand Prairie
Gamby, George, Richland
Garbison, Job, Scott
Garbison, Wm, Scott
Garret, Andrew, Grand Prairie
Gast, Christian, Prospect / Greencamp
Gast Jr, Christian , Prospect / Greencamp
Gerchiser, Jacob, Waldo
German, Albert, Prospect / Greencamp
Gillespy, Noah, Montgomery
Gilson, Daniel, Richland
Ginter, Jacob, Grand Prairie
Goodale, , Grand
Gooding, Christopher, Pleasant
Gooding, Francis, Pleasant
Gooding, Gamalial, Prospect / Greencamp
Gooding, Sylvester, Pleasant
Goodman, William, Waldo
Goosehorn, Daniel, Tully
Goosehorn, George, Grand Prairie
Gorton, H., Marion
Gouel, John, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Grafton, Paul, Big Island
Gray, George, Salt Rock
Green, Micheal, Richland
Grey, John, Scott
Griffith, John, Prospect / Greencamp
Grigsby, John, Prospect / Greencamp
Grimes, Oliver, Richland
Grimes, Thos, Scott
Griswold, William, Marion
Groober, Abram, Scott
Groober, John, Scott
Gross, Christian, Waldo
Groul, Henry, Claridon
Grull, Fredrich, Richland
Gump, George, Richland
Gunn, Lewis, Marion
Guthery, Isaac, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Guthrie, William, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Haag, Jacob, Waldo
Haag, Michael, Waldo
Hains, Henry, Marion
Hains, Simmon, Claridon
Haldeman, Christopher, Salt Rock
Haldeman, John, Salt Rock
Hallet, Solomon, Grand
Hamilton, James, Marion
Hamilton, William, Marion
Hamilton, William, Grand Prairie
Hammond, Richard, Tully
Hanes, John, Tully
Hannan, David, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Hansbrungh, William, Tully
Hardy, Elish, Marion
Harker, Thomas, Marion
Harkness, Asa, Grand
Harriman, Jas, Big Island
Harris, Adam, Pleasant
Harris, Joseph, Richland
Harsh, Adam, Pleasant
Hart, David, Grand Prairie
Hartsell, Jonas, Big Island
Harvy, David, Marion
Harvy, Thomas, Marion
Hatfield, Ann, Claridon
Haver, Henry, Montgomery
Hazeltine, Betsy, Montgomery
Hazelton, William, Montgomery
Henderson, Thomas, Claridon
Hessman, Jacob, Grand Prairie
Hessnour, Peter, Grand Prairie
Hicks, Thomas, Claridon
Higgins, Avin, Marion
Higgins, Marrah, Grand
Higgins, Thindle, Pleasant
Higgins, Warren, Grand
Hill, John, Scott
Hill, Leonard, Claridon
Hill, Robert, Pleasant
Hill, Samuel, Scott
Hill, Wm, Scott
Hines, George, Claridon
Hines, John, Claridon
Hipshire, Adam, Scott
Hipshire, Adam, Scott
Hipshire, Cria, Scott
Hipshire, James, Scott
Hockman, Daniel, Waldo
Holeman, George, Scott
Hollinbaugh, Daniel, Prospect / Greencamp
Holmes, Charles S., Marion
Holmes, Elizabeth, Marion
Holmes, Saml, Marion
Holverstot, Henry, Claridon
Holverstot, Jacob, Claridon
Holverstot, Michael, Big Island
Hoofstetter, Jacob, Grand Prairie
Hoops, Thomas, Marion
Hoover, Christian, Scott
Hopkins, Charles F., Prospect / Greencamp
Hopkins, Robert, Big Island
Horde, Patten, Marion
Horde, Strather, Pleasant
Hornby, Joseph, Claridon
Hortman, Henry, Claridon
Houselman, Polly, Pleasant
Hoverman, John, Pleasant
Hoxter, Samuel, Pleasant
Hubbard, Philip, Grand Prairie
Hudson, John, Marion
Huffman, Johnathon, Richland
Huffman, Peter, Waldo
Huffman, Philip, Waldo
Huggins, Saml, Scott
Hughs, Tho, Pleasant
Hughus, John, Marion
Hull, Jesse, Pleasant
Hull, Nathaniel, Waldo
Hull, Samuel, Waldo
Hull, T.S., Waldo
Hume, Andrew, Richland
Humphres, William, Prospect / Greencamp
Humphry, John, Scott
Hysinger, Andrew, Tully
Idleman, Christian, Claridon
Idleman, Jacob J., Waldo
Idleman, Silas, Pleasant
Inner, C., Marion
Irey, Enos, Scott
Irey, Hanibal, Claridon
Irey, John, Claridon
Irey, Levi, Claridon
Irey, Samuel, Claridon
Irwin, William, Tully
Isler, Samuel, Prospect / Greencamp
Jacoby, Micheal, Claridon
Jenkins, William, Prospect / Greencamp
Jenkins, William, Prospect / Greencamp
Johnson, Allen, Montgomery
Johnson, James C, Prospect / Greencamp
Johnson, Jesse, Prospect / Greencamp
Johnson, John J, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Johnson, Joseph, Montgomery
Johnson, McMury, Montgomery
Johnson, Thos F., Scott
Johnson, Wm C., Marion
Jones, David, Grand Prairie
Jones, Henry, Pleasant
Jones, James, Marion
Jones, John, Montgomery
Jones, Levi, Marion
Jones, Nelson, Waldo
Jones, Samuel, Waldo
Jones manager, Levi, Marion
Jons, Thomas, Pleasant
Jump, Shelby, Marion
Justice, John, Waldo
Justice, William, Waldo
Kaler, Elizabeth, Grand Prairie
Kaufman, William, Waldo
Kearns, Benjamin, Marion
Kellogg, Perry, Tully
Kendrick, William L., Marion
Kennedy, John, Scott
Kennedy, Joseph, Claridon
Kennedy, William K., Grand Prairie
Kenyon, Aaron S., Waldo
Kepner, Jacob, Claridon
Kersey, Samuel, Prospect / Greencamp
Kies, Frederick, Marion
Kilbourn, Sarah, Waldo
King, George, Salt Rock
King, James, Salt Rock
King, Zachariah, Grand
Kinnear, Durale, Richland
Kirtz, Michael, Prospect / Greencamp
Klee, Henry, Waldo
Klinefelter, Jacob, Pleasant
Klingle, Jacob, Waldo
Knable, John, Marion
Knapp, Benjamin, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Knife, Jacob, Claridon
Knowls, Hiram, Scott
Knowls, Seth, Scott
Kock, George, Richland
Koons, Henry, Marion
Koons, William, Marion
Kraner, Christian, Pleasant
Kraner, Sophia, Pleasant
Lapham, Augustus, Salt Rock
Lapham, Matilda, Salt Rock
Larabee, Joseph, Scott
Larbie, Charles, Scott
Lawrence, Edward, Claridon
Lawrence, George, Claridon
Lawrence, Philip, Prospect / Greencamp
Lawrence, Richard, Claridon
Layton, Moses B., Grand Prairie
Leatherberry, Noah, Marion
Leathers, Henry, Tully
Lee, Jacob, Salt Rock
Lee, John, Scott
Lee, Noah, Scott
Lee, Parker, Salt Rock
Lee, William, Montgomery
Leeper, Robert, Marion
Lefever, Minard, Tully
Letner, Matthias, Claridon
Lewis, L.P., Salt Rock
Lewis, Titus, Richland
Lider, Jacob, Richland
Lider, John, Richland
Likins, James, Marion
Likins, John, Scott
Likins, Jos, Scott
Likins, Mary, Grand Prairie
Linsey, James, Salt Rock
Linsey, John, Scott
Linsey, Joseph, Salt Rock
Liongington, Elmira, Grand Prairie
Little, Ambrose, Marion
Little, William, Montgomery
Lockman, S., Waldo
Long, Elija, Montgomery
Longanakre, Daniel, Montgomery
Longanakre Jr, Daniel, Montgomery
Longinbell, Moses, Prospect / Greencamp
Lucas, George W., Pleasant
Lucas, John, Pleasant
Lucas, Joseph, Pleasant
Ludwick, Isaac, Scott
Ludwig, Henry, Grand
Luke, John, Richland
Lyme, Daniel, Claridon
Lyons, Wm, Pleasant
Lytter, Lydia, Montgomery
Lyttle, Peter, Prospect / Greencamp
Magle, George, Scott
Malone, Francis, Pleasant
Malone, Thos. A., Grand Prairie
Manly, Richard, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Marsh, Mahlon, Salt Rock
Martin, David, Big Island
Martin, Fredrick, Claridon
Martin, Lewis, Claridon
Mason, Joseph, Scott
Mason, Joseph, Big Island
Mathis, William, Big Island
Matthew, Racheal, Pleasant
Matthias, Ephraim H., Waldo
Mattix, Christopher, Waldo
Mattox, Isaach, Richland
Maxwell, Marshel, Richland
Mayfield, Elizabeth, Tully
McClouse, Wallace, Claridon
McElen, Mary, Salt Rock
McHardy, Wm, Marion
McIlhay, William R, Big Island
McKinstry, James, Scott
McKinstry, Matthew, Tully
McLellen, Bena, Montgomery
McMellions, Sasmuel, Waldo
McNeal, John, Tully
McNeal, Samuel, Marion
McNeal, Samuel, Marion
McPherrin, Samuel, Marion
McWherter, Fanny, Marion
McWherter, Julia Ann, Marion
McWherter, Robert, Salt Rock
McWherter, William, Marion
Mears, George N., Salt Rock
Melligan, Isaac, Richland
Mellott, Aaron, Tully
Mellott, Charly, Tully
Mellott, Stilwell, Tully
Mellott, William, Tully
Merchant, John, Marion
Messenger, Everet, Big Island
Messenger, Newton, Big Island
Messenger, Warren, Big Island
Mets, Leonard, Big Island
Mets, M. A., Montgomery
Metsker, Philip, Richland
Mickerson, Tho, Scott
Miles, Johnathan, Claridon
Miles, William, Prospect / Greencamp
Miller, George, Scott
Miller, Green G., Montgomery
Miller, Jacob, Waldo
Miller, James, Scott
Miller, John, Montgomery
Miller, Joseph, Scott
Miller, Sarah, Scott
Milligan, Jacob, Pleasant
Mills, Jacob, Richland
Mills, Jesse M, Scott
Millson, Moses, Scott
Mitchel, Wm, Claridon
Mitten, John, Big Island
Mitten, Joshua, Big Island
Mock, Albright, Richland
Mock, Coonrod, Richland
Mock, Matthias, Richland
Monasmith, James, Waldo
Monnet, Alroh, Scott
Monnet, Thos, Scott
Monroe, Alonzo D., Richland
Monte, Jacob, Richland
Moody, Joseph, Tully
Moon, Tho, Pleasant
Moore, Gideon, Big Island
Moore, Samuel, Grand Prairie
Morgan, Eljah, Scott
Morgan, M___, Big Island
Morral, Samuel, Salt Rock
Morris, Benjamin, Marion
Morrison, Abrahm, Claridon
Morton, John, Waldo
Moses, Henry, Waldo
Moses, William, Waldo
Mostain, Haley, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Mouser, David, Marion
Mouser, Isaac, Marion
Mouser, Isaac B., Salt Rock
Mouser, James, Pleasant
Moyer, Jacob F, Prospect / Greencamp
Moyer, John, Prospect / Greencamp
Moyer, Philip, Prospect / Greencamp
Mulhouse, John, Waldo
Munets, Humphry, Pleasant
Myers, Henry, Waldo
Myers, John, Pleasant
Myres, Jonathan, Big Island
Nace, Eli, Grand Prairie
Nagle, George, Prospect / Greencamp
Nandersall, Thos, Grand
Nasy, James, Montgomery
Neal, Jonathan, Grand
Neff, George, Grand Prairie
Neff, Jacob, Salt Rock
Neff, John G., Salt Rock
Neighthart, George, Richland
Neithort, John, Waldo
Nesbitt, Joseph, Grand Prairie
Newland, Nathan, Grand Prairie
Newman, Jacob, Prospect / Greencamp
Nichols, John, Grand Prairie
Nicholson, John, Pleasant
Nighhart, Coonrod, Richland
Nighthart, Conrod, Richland
Niphouk, George, Claridon
Norton, Olive, Big Island
Nymiller, John, Grand Prairie
Oasterly, John, Waldo
Oates, John, Marion
Oberson, Daniel, Claridon
Oborn, Mary, Richland
Olney, Bena, Montgomery
Otis, Jas, Grand
Owen, Isaac, Big Island
Owens, Davis, Tully
Page, Aaron C., Marion
Page, Jay, Marion
Page, John, Pleasant
Paine, William, Prospect / Greencamp
Pangburn, Dennis, Big Island
Parcel, Daniel, Grand Prairie
Parcel, David, Scott
Parker, John, Claridon
Parker, Samuel, Grand Prairie
Parks, David, Prospect / Greencamp
Parr, Thomas, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Patrick, Hiram, Big Island
Patten, John, Marion
Patten, Lorenza, Prospect / Greencamp
Patten, Rachel, Marion
Patten, William, Prospect / Greencamp
Patterson, John, Waldo
Patterson, John, Waldo
Peacock, John, Scott
Perry, C., Grand
Peters, E., Marion
Peters, Isaac, Grand
Peters, Nathan, Marion
Pettyman, Cond, Montgomery
Philips, David, Prospect / Greencamp
Philips, John, Prospect / Greencamp
Philips, Thomas, Prospect / Greencamp
Place, Sulivan, Scott
Plotner, Daniel, Grand Prairie
Plotner, George, Scott
Plotner, Gideon, Tully
Plotner, John, Richland
Plotner, John, Grand Prairie
Plotner, Joseph, Grand Prairie
Plotner, Samuel, Claridon
Pontius, John, Richland
Porter, Alexander, Prospect / Greencamp
Porter, John N, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Powel, Charles, Claridon
Powel, Eli, Grand Prairie
Powell, Samuel, Prospect / Greencamp
Preston, John, Big Island
Price, Thomas, Grand Prairie
Pugh, Wesley, Prospect / Greencamp
Raichard, George, Tully
Raichley, F., Marion
Rainnen, John B., Pleasant
Raisch, William, Grand Prairie
Ramsay, Robert, Grand Prairie
Randall, John, Prospect / Greencamp
Ranner, Christian, Claridon
Rass, George, Big Island
Raymond, Fredrich, Richland
Reckler, Joseph, Pleasant
Redd, Daniel, Pleasant
Redd, Jasen, Pleasant
Reed, James, Claridon
Reed, John, Pleasant
Reed, Philip, Richland
Reed, Samuel, Pleasant
Reed, Samuel, Tully
Reed, Samuel, Grand Prairie
Reese, David, Grand Prairie
Reiley, Elias, Pleasant
Reiley, Godfried, Richland
Rer, John, Scott
Retter, George, Richland
Retter, Jacob, Richland
Retter, Philip, Grand Prairie
Reubens, Thos, Grand
Rhiner, Godfrey, Waldo
Rhodes, George, Big Island
Rhodes, Henry, Salt Rock
Rhodes, John, Salt Rock
Rhumoser, Frederick, Prospect / Greencamp
Richardson, Manning, Waldo
Riddle, Archibald, Tully
Ridgway, Boyd, Grand
Riley, Patterson, Marion
Riley, William, Marion
Ring, Robert, Marion
Ripley, Thos, Prospect / Greencamp
Riser, Jacob, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Rliarbison, John, Scott
Roberts, Thompson, Scott
Rolls, John, Salt Rock
Rosebury, Joseph, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Rosencrants, John, Scott
Roush, Christian, Waldo
Rowlander, Henry, Pleasant
Royle, John, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Rubens, Edward, Grand
Rubens, Joseph, Grand
Runyan, Noah & Alex, Marion
Rupely, Jacob, Pleasant
Rupp, David, Pleasant
Rupp, George, Richland
Rush, Philip, Montgomery
Russ, Jacob, Scott
Russel, Eljah, Scott
Russel, Syrrel, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Russel, Willard, Marion
Sager, Benjamin, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Sailer, Isaac, Marion
Sanford, A.R., Pleasant
Sappington, Elias, Big Island
Sarae, William, Montgomery
Sargent, William, Claridon
Sayler, Henry, Richland
Schart, Ann, Grand
Scott, Herman, Grand
Scribner, Henry, Marion
Scribner, Samuel, Montgomery
Seaburn, Jacob, Grand
Search, Charles, Marion
Search, Thos, Marion
Search, William, Marion
Seifert, Andrew J., Prospect / Greencamp
Selander, William, Waldo
Serch Jr., Thos, Marion
Sergant, Richard, Marion
Seymore, Saml, Grand
Shafer, Dewalt, Grand Prairie
Shaffer, John M., Waldo
Shager, Jacob, Richland
Shangler, John, Big Island
Sharp, Alexr., Big Island
Sharp, Saml, Scott
Sharples, Albert H., Richland
Sharpless, Edward, Marion
Sharrock, Timothy, Tully
Sheets, Sandy, Grand Prairie
Sherman, Adam, Claridon
Shively, Christian, Pleasant
Shorobndy, Joseph, Claridon
Showers, Philip, Marion
Shrague, Sarah, Montgomery
Shroaf, Henry, Waldo
Shrode, Adam, Scott
Shrote, Jacob, Scott
Sills, Peter, Pleasant
Simpson Jr, Sal, Grand
Simpson Sen, Saml, Grand
Skinner, Joseph, Grand Prairie
Skinner, L.N., Grand Prairie
Slayner, Thos, Big Island
Slick, Philip, Scott
Smith, C__an B., Marion
Smith, Charles G., Grand Prairie
Smith, David, Waldo
Smith, Hugh V., Salt Rock
Smith, Isreal, Richland
Smith, Jacob, Claridon
Smith, Jacob, Richland
Smith, Jas, Big Island
Smith, John P., Marion
Smith, Reuben, Big Island
Smith, Thomas, Prospect / Greencamp
Smith, Thos M., Scott
Smith, Thos W., Big Island
Smithson, Joseph, Claridon
Snatace, Semeth, Big Island
Snider, Jacob, Marion
Snyder, Christian, Richland
Snyder, George, Marion
Snyder, James, Pleasant
Snyder, Jonathan, Marion
Snyder, M., Waldo
Snyder, M.B., Waldo
Snyder, Saml., Richland
Sone, Jas, Grand
Soop, E., Marion
Sorrich, Adam, Marion
Soule, Moses R, Grand
Southwic, Leonard, Marion
Southwick, Alonzo, Big Island
Southwick, Jonathan, Big Island
Spade, Jacob, Prospect / Greencamp
Spease, Jacob, Grand Prairie
Stagle, Bolser, Waldo
Stagle, Isaac, Scott
Stakely, Philip, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Stalig, Mariah, Waldo
Stayner, William, Salt Rock
Steakly, Adam, Waldo
Steinhelfer, Christopher, Grand Prairie
Stevenson, Mitchel, Tully
Stifler, H.K., Prospect / Greencamp
Stifler, Jacob, Prospect / Greencamp
Stinefielt, Chas, Pleasant
Stiverson, George, Grand
Stiverson, Thos, Grand
Stiverson, William, Grand
Stonbarger, David, Scott
Stoongage, Isaac, Pleasant
Storner, Jacob, Scott
Story, Reuben, Tully
Stoutsberger, Jacob B., Prospect / Greencamp
Strable, Frederick E, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Strine, Henry, Claridon
Strine, John, Claridon
Strine, Martin, Claridon
Strong agnt., Horace, Marion
Strouser, Daniel, Montgomery
Strouser, Saml, Big Island
Strowbridge, Philip M, Prospect / Greencamp
Struthers, James, Tully
Struthers, Thomas, Tully
Sullivan, James, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Suvellen, W.F., Waldo
Swatter, Hineff, Richland
Swatter, Jacob, Richland
Sworden, Denis, Grand
Taylor, William, Salt Rock
Tharp, Mary, Claridon
Thew, Henry, Big Island
Thew, William, Claridon
Thew, Wm P., Claridon
Thiren, Margaret, Richland
Thompson, Edward, Marion
Thompson, Edward, Salt Rock
Thompson, James, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Thompson, John, Salt Rock
Thurlow, David, Big Island
Topliff, Lewis, Montgomery
Trew, H.A., Marion
Tunis, James, Prospect / Greencamp
Twombly, Isaiah, Grand
Twombly, John, Grand
Tyler, Richard, Prospect / Greencamp
Ulsh, Henry, Marion
Ulsh, Jacob, Marion
Uncapher, Hannah, Marion
Uncapher, John, Marion
Uncapher, Joseph, Marion
Underwod, John, Claridon
Underwood, Isaac, Claridon
Van Buskirk, Wm., Scott
Vanfleet, Moses, Montgomery
Vanhouten, David, Big Island
Vanhouten, Mary, Big Island
Vanmeter, Jacob, Pleasant
Vanmeter, John, Pleasant
Vanortran, John, Big Island
Vaughn, Daniel, Big Island
Vestell, Reuben, Prospect / Greencamp
Virden, Alonzo, Big Island
Virdin, Bethuel, Big Island
Virdin, Wm. J., Montgomery
Waddle, William, Claridon
Walker, James B., Montgomery
Walker, Jas, Big Island
Walker, Jesse, Prospect / Greencamp
Walker, Jesse, Green Camp / Bowlinggreen
Walker, Joseph, Pleasant
Ward, Thos., Big Island
Warner, John G., Claridon
Watten, David, Scott
Watters, Wm, Scott
Way, Martin C., Big Island
Weaver, Fredrich, Richland
Webber, Fredrick, Claridon
Welbourn, William, Claridon
Welbourne, George, Scott
Welbourne, Michael, Claridon
Welch, Solomon, Prospect / Greencamp
Wells, Catherine, Waldo
Wells, John A., Waldo
Wheeler, H.N., Marion
Wheeler, Starling, Montgomery
Whistler, Thos. L., Grand
White, Charles, Marion
White, Chas, Montgomery
White, Paul, Big Island
Whiteman, Andrew, Waldo
Wick, Adam, Richland
Wilcox, Hira, Waldo
Williams, Benja, Marion
Williams, Daniel, Prospect / Greencamp
Williams, Emma P., Marion
Williams, Jo__, Marion
Williams, John, Prospect / Greencamp
Williams, John, Prospect / Greencamp
Williams, Marcus, Marion
Williamson, John, Grand Prairie
Willison, Richard, Marion
Willy, William, Big Island
Wilson, A.C., Marion
Wilson, Geo, Big Island
Wilson, John, Scott
Wilson, Lambert, Scott
Wise, John, Grand Prairie
Witherall, Horace, Grand Prairie
Wolfort, John, Prospect / Greencamp
Wood, Hampton, Big Island
Wood, Isaac, Big Island
Wood, James, Big Island
Wood, Jeremiah, Big Island
Woolfinger, Frarich, Richland
Worline, Daniel, Richland
Wright, Sarah, Pleasant
Wyatt, Lavina, Waldo
Wynn, David, Prospect / Greencamp
Wynn, John, Prospect / Greencamp
Yoekam, Abslom, Grand
Yoekam, Thompson, Grand
Zager, David, Richland
Zager, George, Richland
Zake, George, Claridon
Zerchel, Fredrick, Pleasant
Zick, Peter, Pleasant
Zorg, John, Scott
Zourg, Jacob, Pleasant
Zuck, Abraham, Claridon
Zuck, Joseph, Marion