Genealogy Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the basics of genealogy.

1. You have the names of three siblings born between 1884 and 1887 and need to know the names of their parents. Which census would be the best one to start with?


2. IGI stands for...

International Genealogical Index
Index of German Immigrants
Itemized Guardianship Inventories
Irish Geographical Index

3. The best place to start your genealogical research is...

National Archives
Mormon Library

4. It's been said that "genealogy of place" is vital to doing research. This means that the most important thing to do when you find out the name of the town an ancestor was from is to...

learn the important people in a town's history
determine where the town is located and how boundaries have changed over time
go to the town itself to research your family's history
learn where the cemeteries are located in the town

5. An ancestor died intestate. This means...

he left no will
he was traveling out of state when he died
he died in a state prison
his body was never found

6. Your grandfather's sister's daughter is your...

great aunt
second cousin
first cousin once removed

7. The standard way to write May 8th, 1904 is...

8 May 1904
May VIII 1904

8. You do not know your grandmother's maiden name. She was married several times. The surname you will use for her on a pedigree chart is...

the surname of her first husband
the surname of your grandfather
the surname she had when she died
none of the above

9. You found several records that give your ancestor's birthdate. Rank the sources for reliability.

1834 baptismal record
1850 census
1902 death record
1974 family history book

10. Finding the original meaning of your surname will help you in researching your ancestors.

True False

Check your answers.