Dutchers in the War of 1812
From index cards in National Archives
Name State Regiment Rank
Charles NY Consolidated Arty & Infantry Pvt
Charles NY 5 Arty & Infantry Pvt
Daniel NY Detached Cav Pvt
David VT 1st Pvt
David NY 83rd Pvt
George NY Dole's Pvt
Harvey NY Roger's Sgt.
Harvey NY 9th (Vosburgh's) Pvt
Henry NY Hardenbergh's Pvt
Isaac NY Habbyon's Pvt
Isaac NY 83rd Pvt
Jacob L. NY 61st Pvt
Jeremiah NY Hardenburgh's Pvt
John NY Bellinger Pvt
John O Collier's Pvt
John NY Farrington Pvt
John NY 1st (Belknap) Pvt
John NY 1st (Leight) Pvt
John NY 1st Arty (Sticker's) Pvt
John NY 9th (Vosburgh's) Cprl
John NY 50th (McCreary's) Pvt
John NY 83rd (Gunce) Pvt
Levi NY Prior's Pvt
Martin NY 61st (Carver) Pvt
M____ciah NY 2nd (Delamater) Pvt
________ NY Pliny Adams Pvt
S______ NY Von Darssen Cprl
Simeon S. NY Roger's Pvt
William NY Consolidated Arty & Inf. Pvt
William NY 3rd Arty & Light Inf. Pvt

Awards on Claims of the Soldiers of the War of 1812, New York

Dutcher, Daniel,
Greenburgh, Westchester Co., N. Y.,
$14 00

Dutcher, George,
Greene County, New York,
$13 00

Dutcher, Martin,
Somerset, New York,
$58 00

Dutcher, Van Rensselaer,
Union, Broome County, New York,
$55 00