Dutcher Tidbits Extracted from Here and There

Queens County, Nova Scotia Marriages
1 Aug 1867, Charles W.T. Dutcher of Caledonia, to Deborah Wilson of Barrington; Methodist
Toronto, Canada Census of 1837
Dutcher William A. - - Toronto City "Sheldon, Dutcher & Co. Foundry, Yonge St."
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Past & Present
The Dutcher Reform movement began in Yarmouth on the 1st August, 1877, Mr. George M. Dutcher arriving in town from Massachusetts at that time. He addressed crowded audiences every evening in the different churches, and on Monday evening, August 6th, the Dutcher Temperance Reform Club was instituted. Before the close of each meeting the pledge was offered for signature, and then would ensue a scene of extraordinary enthusiasm. During the first week there were added to the pledge signatures numbering as follows: Thursday evening, 106; Friday, 117; Saturday, 140; Sunday afternoon, 70; Monday evening, 170; Tuesday, 199; Wednesday, 320; a total of 1122. An immense pienic was held on the grounds of William Murphy on Wednesday. August 15th, at which 3000 persons were present, and were entertained free of charge. This immense company returned to town in procession, headed by the Milton Brass Band, the different temperance societies carrying their banners, etc. Five hundred persons signed the pledge on the grounds, and up to that date 2000 names had been placed upon the roll. An inmmense pledge book was made expressly for this Society, in which the names of over 4200 persons were placed under the pledge before the Society ceased to exist.
As an outcome of this intense excitement a quantity of liquor–14 kegs brandy and two quarter casks of wine, seized for violation of the revenue laws–was sold at auction on the 10th November, 1877, by J. W. H. Rowley, by order of the Collector of Customs. It was purchased by William V. Brown, as agent for parties connected with the Reform Club. The price of the lot was $315, or about $1.40 per gallon. After the sale the head of the sample cask was knocked in and the contents emptied into the sewer. The balance of the liquor was burned near the railway station on the 29th November, in the presence of a large number of spectators.
A hall, named the “Dutcher Hall,” was erected at Sandford, which cost $600, a result of the enthusiasm which prevailed in that section.
Dutcher Reform Clubs were instituted all over the Province, the interest over that gentleman being unprecedented. Wherever he went he received a genuine ovation. Telegrams were sent from Amherst. Annapolis, Windsor, Halifax and other Clubs to the parent Society in Yarmouth, from week to week, and on January 8th, 1878, a letter, which proved to be the last, was published in the HERALD, from Mr. Dutcher, in which he stated that he had, in company with Mayor Wells, of Washington, D. C., instituted a Club in that city. That Club passed a resolution asking Congress to amend the Constitution of the United States by abolishing the sale, manufacture and importation of liquor within its jurisdiction.
As an unfortunate ending of this wonderful wave of temperance reform it is our painful duty to add that Mr. Dutcher, while on a tour through one of the Western States, “fell from grace,” and at once dropped out of the movement, followed as rapidly by the Clubs everywhere.
Université de Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
MARGUERITE DUTCHER (1888-1940[?]) Religieuse et missionnaire; Scoudouc, N.-B., et Sherbrooke, Qué.
Marguerite Dutcher, connue aussi sous le nom de soeur Saint-Alfred, est née à Scoudouc, N.B., en 1888. Elle est la fille de John Dutcher et de Elise Green. Son père meurt en 1890. En 1895, un dénommé John Sullivan tue sa mère. Marguerite «Maggie» Dutcher est blessée et passe plusieurs mois à l'hôpital. Les motifs de ce meurtre demeurent encore ambigus à ce jour. En 1908, suite à une recommandation du père Alfred Roy, elle entre chez les Soeurs de la Sainte-Famille à Sherbrooke, Qué. Elle travaille dans les missions de l'Université d'Ottawa et du Collège de Montréal, ainsi qu'à Niagara, Ont., à Nicolet, Qué., à l'évêché de Sherbrooke, et à la maison mère de Sherbrooke.
Obituary of ornithologist William Dutcher 1846-1920 and article about his son Basil Hicks Dutcher (1871-1922)

Link to WPA write-up on William Dutcher, born about 1878 in Cherry Valley

Saline County, Arkansas
Dutcher, Robert R., age 24 m. Emma R. Douglass age 18, 26 December 1878
1870 AZ Census, Arizona County, Mohave City
Wiliam H. Dutcher, 26, b. NY
California Pioneer Register (Bancroft, Hubert Howe. History of California. San Francisco, CA 1884-1890)
Dutcher, Thomas P., 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); reenlisted.
California Genealogy Index
Ordering info
Dutcher, Dan 1897 Crime 92678
Dutcher, J. 1882 Lodge 63812
Dutcher, J.H. 1914 Funeral 78224
Dutcher, J.H. 1914 Obituary 78223
Dutcher, Lillian May and O'Neil, Dennis Henry 1903 Marriage License 89702
Dutcher, Mrs. E.W. 1899 Death Notice 11839
Dutcher, Mrs. Elizabeth 1902 Obituary 78222
Dutcher, N.D. 1880 Lodge 63744
Dutcher, Norris D. 1875 Lodge 114222
Dutcher, Norris D. 1876 Lodge 70999
Adams County, IN Cemetery Index
Monmouth Cemetery
Almond, Co. G., 51st Ind. Inf., d. July 2, 1902, Age 64y 5m 7d
Brada, wife of A. Dutcher, d. Oct. 3, 1874, aged 34 years
Jane, wife of A. Dutcher, d. Oct. 21, 1885, Age 28 years
Samuel, d. Mar. 25, 1899, Age 87y 1m 23d
Catherine, wife of S. Dutcher, d. May 18, 1898, Age 86y 7m 27d

Story of Allen Dutcher of Indiana

Iowa Death records
Grave Records of Allamakee, Johnson, Howard and Lucas Counties, Adair, Gothrie, Madison, Marion
Johnson County, Iowa
Name: Daniel N. Dutcher
Birth Date: 1833
Death Date: 1902
Cemetery: Oakland
Town: Iowa City
Comment: Co. C 126th Ill. Vols.

Cemeteries Black Hawk County, Iowa; Vol. 1 - 4
Name: Albert G. Dutcher
Birth Date: 1850
Death Date: 1937
Cemetery: Greenwood
Town: Cedar Falls

Cemeteries Black Hawk County, Iowa; Vol. 1 - 4
Name: Emma J. Dutcher
Birth Date: 1863
Death Date: 21 Jan 1873
Cemetery: Finchford
Town: Union
Relative: dau of: F.; dau of: M.

Cedar County Cemetery Records
Name: Eliza J. Dutcher
Birth Date: 1844
Death Date: 1913
Cemetery: Woodbridge
Town: Center
Comment: (Wife of James)

Cedar County Cemetery Records
Name: James Dutcher
Birth Date: 1840
Death Date: 1897
Cemetery: Woodbridge
Town: Center
Comment: (Civil War.)

Cedar County Cemetery Records
Name: John E. Dutcher
Birth Date: 1871
Death Date: 1923
Cemetery: Woodbridge
Town: Center

Tombstone Records of Delaware County, Iowa
Name: Nancy Dutcher
Death Date: 31 Oct 1881
Age: 28
Cemetery: Pleasant Hill
Town: Adams
Comment: (Mrs. Elmer)

Tombstone Records of Floyd County
Name: Frederick A. Dutcher
Birth Date: 15 Nov 1834
Death Date: 07 Dec 1863
Age: 28
Cemetery: Riverside
Town: Charles City
Comment: Co. G 27th Ia. Inf. G. A. R.

Tombstone Records of Floyd County
Name: Mary E. Dutcher
Death Date: 08 Sep 1856
Age: 41
Cemetery: Riverside
Town: St. Charles

Tombstone Records of Floyd County
Name: Wheton M. Dutcher
Death Date: 12 Jul 1862
Age: 23
Cemetery: Riverside
Town: Chas. City
Comment: Co. I 3rd Ia. Vol. G. A. R.

Johnson County, Iowa Wpa Grave Registrations
Name: Charles M Dutcher
Birth Date: 29 Apr 1869
Death Date: 17 Nov 1936
Age: 67y
Cemetery: Oakland
Town: Iowa City

Johnson County, Iowa Wpa Grave Registrations
Name: Sarah A Dutcher
Cemetery: Oakland
Town: Iowa City
Relative: wif of: Daniel

Johnson County, Iowa Wpa Grave Registrations
Name: James M Dutcher
Birth Date: 1837
Death Date: 04 Aug 1863
Age: 26y
Cemetery: Greencastle
Town: Madison

Gravestone Records of Keokuk County, Iowa
Name: Cornelia Dutcher
Death Date: 06 Sep 1872
Age: 49
Cemetery: Talleyrand
Town: Talleyrand
Comment: (Mrs. G. C.)

Gravestone Records of Keokuk County, Iowa
Name: Ella Dutcher
Death Date: 22 Dec 1874
Age: 22
Cemetery: Talleyrand
Relative: dau: C. C.; dau: C/J.

Tombstone Records of Linn County, Iowa
Name: Wilber Dutcher
Birth Date: 1801
Death Date: 05 Feb 1883
Cemetery: Jordans Grove
Town: Maine
Comment: on lot is Rebecca 1821 to 04 Oct 1906

Tombstone Records of Linn County, Iowa
Name: Wilber C. Dutcher
Birth Date: 1864
Death Date: 1936
Cemetery: Springville
Town: Springville

Mitchell County, Iowa Grave Records
Name: Harry S. Dutcher
Birth Date: 1880
Death Date: 1897
Cemetery: Woodlawn
Town: St. Ansgar

Tombstone Records of Scott County, Iowa
Name: Davis C. Dutcher
Birth Date: 1820
Death Date: 1887
Cemetery: Rose Hill
Town: Buffalo

Tombstone Records of Scott County, Iowa
Name: Jerome Dutcher
Birth Date: 1854
Death Date: 15 May 1935
Cemetery: Rose Hill
Town: Buffalo

Tombstone Records of Scott County, Iowa
Name: John G. Dutcher
Birth Date: 1846
Death Date: 13 Oct 1932
Cemetery: Oakdale
Comment: Cooperstown, N. Y.; ot Ele a N. W. S.; Dav. Democrat 14 Oct 1932
Relative: wif: Josephine Masdorf

Tombstone Records of Scott County, Iowa
Name: Josephine Dutcher
Birth Date: 1860
Death Date: 1937
Cemetery: Oakdale
Town: Dav.

Tombstone Records of Scott County, Iowa
Name: (Mrs.) L. E. Dutcher
Birth Date: 1823
Death Date: 11 Jul 1905
Cemetery: Rose Hill
Town: Buffalo

Tombstone Records of Scott County, Iowa
Name: Mary L. Dutcher
Birth Date: 1854
Death Date: 01 Apr 1935
Cemetery: Rose Hill
Town: Dav.

Tombstone Records of Scott County, Iowa
Name: Sarah C. Dutcher
Birth Date: 1845
Death Date: 08 Nov 1910
Cemetery: Oakdale
Town: Dav.

Webster County Grave Records
Name: Hannah Dutcher
Birth Date: 1877
Death Date: 20 Jun 1916
Cemetery: McGuire's Bend
Town: Yell
Comment: (Mrs. J. R.)

Webster County Grave Records
Name: Sarah W. Dutcher
Birth Date: 1846
Death Date: 14 Oct 1914
Cemetery: McGuire's Bend
Comment: (Mrs. Wm. H.)

Webster County Grave Records
Name: Thomas Dutcher
Birth Date: 1966
Death Date: 1932
Cemetery: McGuire's Bend

Tombstone Records of Union County, Iowa
Name: Charles W. Dutcher
Birth Date: 10 Apr 1840
Death Date: 12 May 1934
Cemetery: Green Lawn
Town: Afton
Comment: Lot 189; (V. C. W.) Co. H. 9, K. V. C.

Tombstone Records of Union County, Iowa
Name: Ruth A. Dutcher
Birth Date: 09 Mar 1844
Death Date: 30 Aug 1932
Cemetery: Green Lawn
Town: Afton
Relative: wif of: Charles W
Report of the Committee to Investigate the Troubles in Kansas, U.S. Congress, 1856
List of voters who have cast their votes for delegates to a convention to form a constitution for Kansas, 1855
Jacob Dutcher
Kansas Voter Registration Lists, 1854-1856
Name: Dutcher, Jacob
District/County: 9
Precinct/Township: Pawnee
Election Date: October 9, 1855
Births of Westport, Massachusetts
DUTCHER, George O., seaman, son Richard H. and Catharine, May 1, 1841, in Cook Sochie, N. Y.
Nebraska Biography
William Alexander, one of the pioneers of Pierce county, Nebraska, is a native of Scotland, born near Ayr, the chief town of Ayrshire, September 15, 1828. His parents, Robert and Margaret (Cowan) Alexander, natives of the same shire, died after a few years in Wisconsin, where they had joined their son in June, 1863.
Mr. Alexander learned the carpenter's trade in his native country, where he was employed at that work until his emigration to America in the fall of 1851. Securing passage at Glasgow, he took ship at Greenoch in an old sailing vessel, and after a voyage of six weeks landed in New York; going to Philadelphia he found work at his trade and some six months later moved on to Cincinnati, Ohio, and remained there about two years. From here he migrated to Marquette county, Wisconsin, and engaged in his vocation, buying the meanwhile a tract of one hundred and twenty acres which he farmed with hired help, being employed in building most of the time.
In 1873 he determined to follow the stream of settlers to the west and, selling his farm, started May 9 for Nebraska with a yoke of oxen and drove through Iowa as far as Waterloo. Here the roads became impassable, their progress being only three quarters of a mile the last day. Securing a car at the first station west of Waterloo, Mr. Alexander with his family came by rail to Sioux City, whence the roads to the west were smooth and dry. Reaching Plainview the middle of June, Mr. Alexander took a pre-emption claim one mile south of Plainview and began the life of a farmer in the west, working at his trade when there was building to be done. After a two years struggle against grasshopper pests, losing all his crops during that time,
Mr. Alexander packed his family in wagons and started back to Wisconsin. On reaching La Mars, Iowa, they sojourned for a few weeks to welcome an addition to the family, Mr. Alexander securing work at his trade the while, and then proceeded on their way to the old home in the Badger state.
Here they resided about four years until conditions had improved in the west, and a longing for the prairies came over them, as they had been homesick for the older state on their first advent to Nebraska.
In the spring of 1879 their possessions were again loaded into the ox wagons and for the third time they took the trail between the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, reaching Plainview in June. Mr. Alexander filed on a timber claim four miles south of Plainview, where they prospered and accumulated land to the extent of eight hundred acres. This Mr. Alexander sold in 1894, bought a home in town and continued contracting and building for ten years, retiring from active life in 1904, and he and his venerable wife are passing their declining years in comfort, with their children all doing well in life.
Mr. Alexander was married at Montello, Wisconsin, October 26, 1855, to Miss Ann McWilliams, a native of Belfast, Ireland, born September 12, 1818, a danghter of William and Mary (Kearnes) McWilliams, who came to America and settled in Wisconsin.
To Mr. and Mrs. Alexander eleven children were born, ten of whom survive: Margaret, wife of Mr. Christian Lerum, a sketch of whom appears in this work; Jane, married David Miller, and makes her home with her aged parents, of whom she takes the tenderest care; Roderick, farming four miles south of Plainview; Sarah, now Mrs. Albert Borden, lives in Washington; Robert, has a ranch near Bloomfield, Nebraska; William lives on a farm three miles south of Plainview; John, a stock dealer of Plainview; Mary, deceased was the wife of Gus Kemnitz; Rachel, married Sam Johnson, a baker of Plainview; Alice, is the wife of William Dutcher, who is farming a mile west of Plainview; and Gilbert, the youngest, has remained with his father, and was his mainstay while on the farm.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander were reared in the Presbyterian faith. In politics, Mr. Alexander is republican.
The family endured many of the hardships or pioneer days. Besides the pest of grasshoppers and the alarms of prairie fires, blizzards, caused them much suffering and many times Mr. Alexander has slept out in winter storms with little shelter but a blanket stretched over poles; at times he has weathered a three days' storm in this way. Their fuel was secured along Verdigris creek, and the trip out and back with a load of wood usually consumed two or three days. On one of these trips Mr. Alexander and his companions round themselves reduced to the last match, and this a wet one.
Mr. Alexander took it, put it within his clothes until the beat of his body had dried it somewhat, and then finally succeeded in striking a light and making a fire to warm them through the night and cook their food.
Mr. Alexander has had a long and useful life of many vicissitudes, but is now in peace and plenty surrounded by his family and friends in the evening of his well spent life.

WILLIAM DUCHER. Prominent among the leading old settlers of Boyd county, Nebraska, the gentleman whose name heads this personal history is entitled to a foremost place. Mr. Ducher is a native of Germany, born in Thriger village, Prussia, in 1846. His father, Johann Ducher, who was born in Prussia in 1800, was a farmer, and served in the war of 1829 or 1830. His mother was born in 1809. The elder brothers of our subject and his twin brother also served in the wars in the old country, with Austria, France and Denmark.
In 1872, Mr. Ducher left his native land for America, sailing from Hamburg for New York on the steamship West Farlan. After landing in New York, he went to Chicago, where he remained twelve years. From 1879 to 1882, he was president of a milk company. In 1883, he left Chicago, and came to Garfield county, Nebraska, where he took up a homestead, and built a good frame house. He remained there until 1890, when he came to Boyd county, Nebraska, and took up one hundred and sixty acres of fine land, first living in a dugout, and later building a frame house, twelve by twelve feet.
Mr. Ducher has a fine orchard of twenty acres.
In 1888, our subject had quite an experience in one of the great blizzards, as he had started for a load of corn, and was eighteen hours in the storm. He has suffered many discouragements since coming to Nebraska, his crops being destroyed by hail in 1893, 1905 and 1907.
Mr. Ducher was united in marriage to Miss T. Lange in 1875, and they are the parents of eleven children, four of whom are living: Hulda, Mary, Emma and Edmond.

Sussex and Warren Counties, New Jersey
Early settlers of Sussex County
1785: Dutcher, Abraham

New Jersey Marriages

Given Name Surname Given Name Spouse Surname Spouse Marriage Date County
Oregon: census index
Dutcher, J.G. Douglas County p254 Camas Valley
Dutcher, Josephene Douglas County p298 Yoncalla
Dutcher, J.G. Benton County p 101 Newport Precinct
Dutch, Charles Marion County p 073 Butterville}

Biography of Paul Dutcher of South Dakota (via Michigan > Wisconsin)

DUTCHER, ALFRED -- In applying for a Headright Certificate for one-third of a league of land to the Washington County Board of Land Commissioners January 17, 1838, Mr. Dutcher stated that he came to Texas in January, 1834. He sold the Certificate January 17, 1838, to John M. Stephens. He could not write but
affixed his mark to the deed of transfer. He received Bounty Certificate No. 2045 for 1280 acres of land, January 23, 1838 for serving in the army from January 15, 1836 to September 30, 1837. This he sold January 24, 1838 to George W. Hoover for $500.00. At San Jacinto he was a member of Captain Henry Teal's Company and on May 18, 1838 he was issued San Jacinto Donation Certificate No. 76 for having participated in the battle. It was at that time considered illegal to sell a Donation Certificate and the Deed Records of Harris County, Book A, page 421, show that on May 18, 1838 Mr. Dutcher leased his Certificate for a period of ninety-nine years for $68.00 to C. C. Woodward.
Frederick Dutcher was a participant in the "Battle of San Jacinto" which took place near Houston, TX, in 1836. The Texans, led by General Sam Houston, had about 900 soldiers and defeated the Mexican army of
1400 soldiers led by General Santa Ana in the course of about 20 minutes. This significant battle was instrumental in Texas becoming independent and later joining the US along with other states in the Southwest.
There is a monument near Houston that honors this battle. One of the participants was a Frederick Dutcher who was given land in Texas for his participation. Frederick eventually sold his land. [Is this the same person as Alfred above??]
1880 Jack Co. Texas Federal Census
DUTCHER, C. L. 42 Can Can NY p 161

Where have all the Dutchers gone?
Name distribution map based on census sampling.
U.S. Place Names from the USGS
Name State County Type USGS Map
Dutcher Creek CA Sonoma stream Geyserville
Dutcher Hill CT Litchfield summit Ashley Falls
Dutcher Creek ID Owyhee stream Brewster Reservoir
Dutcher Spring ID Owyhee spring Brewster Reservoir
Dutcher Dock MA Dukes locale Squibnocket
Dutcher Street School MA Worcester school Milford
Dutcher Pond NY Oswego lake Panther Lake
Dutcherville NY Oswego pop place Panther Lake
Dutcher Number 1 Dam OK Washington dam Blue Mound
Dutcher Number 1 Reservoir OK Washington reservoir Blue Mound
Dutcher Creek OR Josephine stream Onion Mountain
Dutcher Cove WA Pierce bay Vaughn