Hi, folks, we finally have an official DUTCHER list!

Thanks, David!

Mail mode: In regular mail mode, you get the messages one at a time as they are posted.
Digest mode: In digest mode, several postings are combined and sent to you together as a single large message.

How to subscribe

For regular mail mode, send an e-mail message with one word in it - no quote marks, period, or anything else - just the word subscribe to the following e-mail address:



How to change to digest mode

1. If you are already on regular mail mode, send an e-mail message with just the word unsubscribe to:


2. Then send an e-mail message with just the word subscribe to:



How to unsubscribe





How to post a message

To post a message so everyone on the mailing list (regular mail & digest) receives it, just send it to:



How to search the mailing list archives

1. Go to this page and enter the word dutcher:


2. Follow the instructions to search through the dutcher mailing list.


Questions about the mailing list?

Ask David: dsee@preferred.com