Dutchers in Illinois

Cook County Obituaries

Jennie May DUTCHER
Jennie May Dutcher, March 30, beloved wife of C. H. Dutcher. Funeral Tuesday, 2 p.m., from late residence, 620 S. Oakley-blvd. Autos to Oak Ridge cemetery.

Royce Dutcher

Canton, Ill., May 17-- Royce Dutcher, 26, Ft. Dodge, Ia., was killed late today when wheels of a heavily loaded truck under which he had been sleeping passed over him at the plant of the International Harvester company. He was a helper on the truck operated by Floyd Glidden. Dutcher was married and the father of two small children.

Ruth M. Dutcher, 58 W. 72d street, Feb. 18, 1945, wife of Pfc. Raymond Dutcher, U. S. A., mother of Elva, Ethel, and Kenneth Clinton, daughter of Mrs. Jessie Zimmerman, sister of Albert, Kenneth, and Joseph Zimmerman, Ethel Fruin, Gladys Smouse, Ellen Stevens, and Opal Snyder. At chapel, 63d and Harvard, where services will be held Tuesday, Feb. 20, at 2 p.m. Interment Davenport, Ia.

Frances Shea DUTCHER
Frances Shea Dutcher, late of 9335 S. Elizabeth street, loving wife of John L., fond sister of Mrs. Bridget Carney, Mrs. Mary Callaghan, Mrs. Agnes Mc-Dermott, Leo Shea, and the late Mrs. Katherine Stanton and Ann Shea. Funeral Monday, 9:30 a.m., from funeral home, Halsted at 76th street, to St. Margaret's church. Interment St. Mary's cemetery. Member of Third Order Dominicans, D. of A., and Service club, Little Company of Mary Hospital, Treasurer of Ladies' Auxiliary post, No. 236, V. F. W. Ste. 7700.

Jennie Dutcher, 4516 Magnolia av., passed away Tuesday, May 17th. Funeral Friday, May 20th, at 2 p.m., chapel, 4717 Broadway.

DuPage County, Illinois Cemetery Index
Addison Township: Lucretia Haddock, nee Dutcher, 1854-1929
Illinois Marriages
Dutcher, Edward F. & Vanvalkenburg, Elizabeth. Jul 05 1849. Lee Co.
Dutcher, Elisha W. & Merrill, Mary A. Apr 17 1850. Lee Co.
Dutcher, Albert & Pearson, Anna M Mrs 01/02/1884 Adams
Dutcher, Andrew & Allwood, Sarah Jane 07/05/1860 Kankakee
Dutcher, Benjamin & Prince, Hattie M 10/21/1863 Will
Dutcher, Benjamin F & Prince, Carrie M 10/20/1874 Cook
Dutcher, Byron S & Gray, Nettie 10/14/1888 Cook
Dutcher, Daniel & Beatty, Adelaide 09/04/1867 Rock Island
Dutcher, Dego W & Brown, Anna H 05/01/1876 Knox
Dutcher, Edward & Dodge, Allie Medo 01/01/1884 Madison
Dutcher, Elisha Wells & Doyle, Mary Ann 07/25/1839 Ogle
Dutcher, Elmer J & Mitchell, Mary A 04/15/1885 Cook
Dutcher, Ephraim & Comfort, Phebe09/21/1853 Rock Island
Dutcher, Francis C & Martin, Emma E 10/24/1869 Iroquois
Dutcher, Francis C. & Hammond, Olive 10/30/1889 Iroquois
Dutcher, Frank T M & Finch, Amelia A 07/18/1856 Morgan
Dutcher, Fred L & Arens, Louise 10/25/1890 Cook
Dutcher, Frederic & Grater, Lydia M 10/13/1877 Whiteside
Dutcher, Fredrick L & Arns, Maggie 06/27/1887 Cook
Dutcher, George & Darby, Mary E 09/12/1893 Will
Dutcher, George N & Kemp, Amanda 08/19/1874 Will
Dutcher, Hamilton B & Sheffer, Sarah C 04/22/1868 Rock Island
Dutcher, Himan & Decker, Mary 09/01/1875 Cook
Dutcher, J V W & Curlis, M A 03/25/1839 Adams
Dutcher, John (S/O Arend & Teda) & Eden, Dina (D/O Menno & Ettje) 03/16/1898 Ogle
Dutcher, John N & Borland, Annie 11/02/1867 Lake
Dutcher, Joseph A & Ralph, Ann 08/14/1853 Will
Dutcher, Louis B & Blakmore, Jennie S 11/24/1887 Cook
Dutcher, Louis William & Simonson, Georgia Marie 08/30/1899 Rock Island
Dutcher, Marquis & Vankuren, Cora 12/09/1891 Iroquois
Dutcher, Pierpont E & Bull, Fanny L 10/18/1883 Adams
Dutcher, Reveland & Sheffield, (Mrs) 10/22/1844 Lake
Dutcher, Samuel & Miner, Cornelia 10/20/1872 Cook
Dutcher, Thomas B & Goodrich, Mary 01/26/1836 Adams
Dutcher, Thomas B & Manser, M A 02/04/1840 Adams
Dutcher, Thomas J. & Benson, Lillie 04/01/1873 Kane
Dutcher, Truman & Bughner, Phebe 12/12/1841 Mc Henry
Dutcher, William E & Bailey, Illey Belle 05/23/1898 Kankakee
Dutcher, William L & Hull, Salome W 02/20/1883 Rock Island
Heflin, Reuben P & Dutcher, Alma Mrs 08/07/1882 Knox
Hayward, David E & Dutcher, Alzina Mc 03/29/1846 Henry
Kent, Edward A & Dutcher, Anna E 11/29/1893 Cook
Stafford, Thomas D & Dutcher, Anna E Mrs 08/11/1873 Knox
Betourney, Louis & Dutcher, Caroline 11/03/1862 Kankakee
Carrington, Frederick T & Dutcher, Caroline M 08/13/1857Will
Eldridge, John T & Dutcher, Carrie Emma 06/06/1891 Cook
Slater, Frank H & Dutcher, Carrie M 09/17/1874 Warren
Bowes, Oliver F & Dutcher, Charlotte (Detzer) (Mrs) 06/19/1886 Cook
Goodman, Robert J & Dutcher, Cora 04/09/1872 Iroquois
Beedle, Solomon & Dutcher, Ellen 11/25/1852 Will
Sim, John A. & Dutcher, Emma 11/20/1875 Pope
Dresser, Frank Eugene & Dutcher, Emma 03/05/1876 Iroquois
Hubbard, William N & Dutcher, Emma 04/05/1899 Boone
Root, Willis & Dutcher, Hannah 10/28/1873 Kankakee
Tomberlee, William S & Dutcher, Jennie E 06/08/1865 Cook
Wells, Eleazer & Dutcher, Josephine 11/25/1865 Lake
Nice, John & Dutcher, Lizzie 02/05/1884 Whiteside
Buchanan, Joseph C & Dutcher, Lulu E 01/06/1881 Adams
Symonds, James H & Dutcher, Mantie L 03/10/1901 Du Page
Edington, Thomas S & Dutcher, Margaret S 01/20/1874 Jefferson
Ebersole, Moses E & Dutcher, Mary 09/19/1877 Whiteside
Mabee, Franklin & Dutcher, Phebe 11/22/1854 Kankakee
Eastlick, Sylvester & Dutcher, Phebe A 11/04/1852 Bureau
Campbell, Aaron P & Dutcher, Sarah M Mrs 10/27/1870 Rock Island
Illinois: Chicago City Directory:
1854/55 Dutcher
William F. wood and coal, h 54 North Wells

1880 Dutchers
Albert, molder, boards 813 Blue Island av.
Benjamin, laundry 204 Clark
Charles, lab. boards 4302 Emerald av.
George N. (Fieldhouse, Dutcher & Belden) 30 W. Monroe, boards 54 S. Sangamon
Hiram P. house 345 Clark
Jennie, wid. Squier, house 615 W. Lake
P.E. salesman 6 Lake, h. 4 Washington pl.
Rosa M., wid. E. A. saleswoman 106 State, boards 506 Fulton

1885 Dutchers
Elmer J., wallpaper, 172 S. Halsted
George N. (Fieldhouse, Dutcher & Beldon) wrought iron pipe mf'ers 30 W. Monroe
Hiram, clerk P.O. house 909 W. Adams
Susan R., wid. James A., house 1717 Walsh av.

1890 Dutchers
Albert molder h 14 Silver
Byron S. machinist h 869 Washington boul
C.E. lineo.h.399 W.Randolph
Frank, engineer, h. 90 Webster av.
F.L. caller, h. 656 Burling
F.L. machinist h. 18 Aberdeen
Hattie E. Miss, milliner 877 W. Polk
John E. stationery 343 Ogden av
Leonard, engineer bds. 90 Webster av.
Louis, teamster, h. 6023 S. Peoria
Lucy, wid. Nathaniel, h 2833 Wabash av.
Nicholas, engineer h. 290 Hudson av.
William H. clk. police hdqtrs. city hall, h 1261 Michigan av.

1895 Dutchers
Byron machinist h 391 W 15th
Charles clk h 102 N. Campbell av
Elmer J. 31 Nutt
George engineer 9 Trustee
Leonard E engineer bds 564 W Lake
Lucy G wid. Nathaniel 5918 Aberdeen nurse

1900 Dutchers
Albert B. cash h 3575 Rhodes av
Byron S. toolmke h 807 W Vanburen
Charles H printer h 309 S Robey
Elmer J. lab h 282 W 15th
Frederick clk 175 South Water h 156 Seminary av
Hattie E Miss milliner 594 Ogden av
John E h 596 Ogden av
Leonard E engineer h 587 Washington boul
Robert lab h 1790, 35th pl
Wellington C ins bds 3805 Lake av