Griffin's Dutcher Family

Walter Kenneth Griffin wrote an article entitled The Dutcher Family that was in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record in 1910. It has well-documented details of the identity of 345 Dutcher descendents from the 1650s to the mid 1700s. It is an oft-referred to source that is required reading for all Dutcher researchers.

To read the pages online you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 and version 3.0 or later of IE or Netscape. The reader is available free from Adobe. This method is a good way of presenting the material on the Web. It allows you to do a text search while also presenting the material with the same look as the original. It is a quick way to get info to the Web and does not require the manual editing of text that takes so long, especially with these Dutch names.

There is a glitch. Some words do not appear when viewed with a browser, though they are there. There are not many of these. And while reading the file online is of a tolerable speed, downloading the file would take a long time.

The Dutcher Family by Walter Kenneth Griffin

Index of all Dutchers, Duytsers, ye Duitschers, etc. in Griffin

Gedcom of Griffin's Dutchers. This does not follow female lines. Griffin's number is in the title field.